Grow your own food like a boss

Is Growing Your Own Food Worth It?

Are you still on the fence about whether or not you should have a garden? Is growing your own food worth it? Read the many benefits to growing your own food, it might help change your mind. Is Growing Your Own Food Worth it? YES!! I think it’s totally worth it to grow your own […]

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Insect hotel bee bug house for the garden-min

Insect Hotel Bee Bug House -Benefits in the Garden

Many of you know that I Love Bugs! So of course I’m going to talk about the benefits of adding an insect hotel bee bug house to your garden. Insect Hotel Encourage Beneficial Insects Into Your GardenNatural Insect Hotel, Bee & Butterfly HouseLuxurious Insect Hotel For Your Homestead Garden Some bugs are a gardeners best […]

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Planning a Garden For Beginners 5 Simple Tips-min

Planning a Garden For Beginners -5 Things You Must Do First

So you’ve decided to start a garden but you’re a beginner and not sure what how to get started. I’ve got you covered! I’ll give you some tips for planning a garden for beginners and also give you 5 things you must do first before you start planning. 5 Things You Must Do Before You […]

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Best Sun Hats For Gardening-min

Best Sun Hats For Gardening and Summer Fun

It’s gardening time again! I’m so excited to get in the garden, I have so many plans and ideas I want to try this year and I’m itching for the weather to warm up so I can get outside and play in the dirt. But first I need to find the best sun hats for […]

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How to store tomatoes for Christmas

How To Store Tomatoes For Christmas Dinner

How To Store Tomatoes For Christmas Hubby taught me a little trick on how to store tomatoes for Christmas. After years of being a truck farmer as a kid his family found many ways to preserve tomatoes so you could eat them all the way until Christmas. That’s a trick we still do to this […]

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Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender-min

Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender

  Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender Part 3 of the series…Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender. Who doesn’t love lavender?! This might not be commonly associated with fall herbs and flavors, but lavender is easy to grow in the fall and can withstand slightly cooler temperatures. There are so many wonderful uses […]

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Garden tools for removing weeds-min

Garden Tools For Removing Weeds On Your Homestead

Weeds in your flower garden getting you down? They are me, I’ve been in a love hate relationship with my front flower garden for years. What I need to do now this fall gather up my best garden tools for removing weeds so I don’t tear up your hands or poke my eye out. Weeding […]

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Container Herb Gardening For Beginners tips

Container Herb Gardening For Beginners

You Can Grow Herbs No Matter Where You Live! You don’t have to have a homestead to grow herbs. That’s what I love about growing herbs! You can grow them anywhere. Container Herb Gardening is perfect for beginners! Herbs are easy to grow and the perfect stress reliever too! Get The Best Value Cedar Container […]

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Small Garden Compost Bin

Small Garden Compost Bin For Your Homestead

Ever wondered if it was a good idea to get a small garden compost bin started or if it was a waste of time? Check out these 7 tips to get you started. Learn the benefits and the things you should avoid doing so you can have a successful compost for your garden next year. […]

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Purple Elbow Length Garden Gloves

Elbow Length Garden Gloves For Women

I recently had a bad case of poison ivy a couple years ago, when I was moving some iris’s from an old spot in my yard to another. Never before have I ever been affected by poison ivy it never bother me before. Guess, I’m a little bit scared of getting it again. I decided […]

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