When is it time to harvest your garden veggies-

When Is The Best Time To Harvest Your Garden Vegetables

When To Harvest Your Garden Vegetables I love my garden! Tomatoes ripe on  the vine, a row of fresh green beans and my all time favorite is summer squash! Hubs makes a mean squash pie! Even if you only have one tomato plant in your backyard, you can still enjoy the fruits of your labor […]

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7 Bulbs to plant in the fall for Spring

7 Bulbs To Plant In The Fall

I Love to see the first flowers start coming up in the spring!  Don’t you! It means spring is right around the corner. My plan is to get some bulbs planted this fall so I’ll have pretty flowers blooming at the first sign of spring.  Today I’ll show you 7 different bulbs to plant in […]

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Garden Planting Vegetables

Garden Planting Vegetables For Beginners -The Best Time To Plant A Garden

It’s time to plant your garden! Here in Indiana, we plant our garden after Derby Day which is the first Saturday in May. That’s when our frost free day, some of the farmers around here planted early and they have to cover the plants when it frosts, which it always does. This book is The […]

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4 Garden Fruit To Grow in Containers at home

4 Garden Fruit To Grow In Containers

Did you know that you can get garden fruit to grow in containers? I’ve seen it done many times and what a great treat if you live in an apartment or condo, you can grow your own fruit! I like the idea that if you had say a miniature lemon tree you could just bring […]

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Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce

4 Health Benefits Of Growing Fresh Produce

What are these AMAZING Health Benefits? I can think of one right off the bat, that would be Amazing Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce. Saving money is one, anything that can give you another dollar in my purse is very healthy to me. Can you think of any more? My other reason is pretty scary […]

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Herb Garden Design 3 Things

Herb Garden Design -3 Things You Should Know Before You Plan Yours

3 Things You Should Know Before you Think About Your Herb Garden Design Herb plants come in 3 different types annuals, perennials, and biennials just like other plants. You will need to think about that before you plant them in your garden, some won’t live from year to year outside in some climits. Like here […]

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Grow your own pizza topping

Garden Ideas Vegetables -Grow Your Own Pizza!

Garden Ideas Vegetables -Grow your own Pizza! Well most of it anyway! What fun it will be to go to your garden for fresh herbs and veggies for your italian cuisine! Growing your own Italian herbs in your Herb Garden provides a huge amount of possibilities. Some of the most famous and tastiest herbs in […]

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Which herbs grow better with seeds?

Which Herbs Do Better Grown From Seeds?

  Some of us have the desire to grow our own herbs but lack the knowledge of how to get started. There are a lot of questions that come along with starting an herb garden. For instance, which herbs do better if they were grown from seeds? What is the right kind of soil to […]

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Herb Garden Secrets To Success

Best Secrets Of Successful Herb Gardening -Ebook

My New Herb Gardening Ebook is Here!! Are you thinking of getting into gardening? But not sure where to start? Why not start with something easy and something you can use in your kitchen everyday -Herbs! I love my herb garden, see the picture of my beautiful herb flower garden, it sits right outside my kitchen […]

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What to do with herbs-

What The Heck Do You Do With Herbs ~Once You Grow Them?

 When To Harvest Herbs and What To do with them Ok, your going to grow your first herb garden this year. You have a few questions first.  When to harvest herbs? and What the heck to do with them once they are grown? I  had the same questions and I still don’t take full advantage […]

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