Planning a Garden For Beginners -5 Things You Must Do First

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So you’ve decided to start a garden but you’re a beginner and not sure what how to get started. I’ve got you covered! I’ll give you some tips for planning a garden for beginners and also give you 5 things you must do first before you start planning.

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5 Things You Must Do Before You Plan You’re Garden

Location, Location, Location

Finding the perfect location for your garden is the most important step to a successful crop. Beginners sometimes mess this up.

You don’t want to do all this work for nothing. For example say you found the perfect place for your garden. Only to find out later, it doesn’t get enough light to grow anything at all.

Planning a Garden for Beginners Journal

This is a cute Garden Journal that you can fill in with you wonderful garden plans. It’s a softcover with weekly undated pages, so you can start at anytime of the year.
I can see using this for a few years, going back and making notes each season.

Here is a list of things to look for before you decide on the site for your garden.

Sun (at least 6 hours a day)- Sun is a very important factor. All plants need the sun to grow. Vegetable gardens thrive on it and don’t do well in a shady location.

  • Well-drained soil -This is important as well, the soil must be well drained. If you notice that when it rains you have a little pond, where you wanted the garden to be, then this would not make a proper garden spot and you should move on, and pick a new location site.
  • Freedom from woody plant roots and erosion -You are going to be working the ground and planting plants in the soil, you want the soil to be rich and root free. You also don’t want a good down pore of rain to wash away your plants, looking for erosion is key.
  • Access to water -Have you ever had to haul a gallon bucket full of water any distance? Most of the time you never make your destination, without spilling some of the water and just think if you had to haul it from the front of your house all the way to the back of the house. Make sure you have a way to water you garden with a hose or other means.
  • A location that is convenient for you to visit regularly – this would be important say, if you had a lot of land and you decided to plant your garden all the way in the back of your property. You would never see your garden and I am sure all the animals living in the woods would love for you to plant them a garden to eat. So plant the garden close to the house, so you can keep an eye on it.

Start off by evaluating garden sites by looking at the soils conditions are at the chosen sites. Start a notebook and keep track of the hours of sunlight each day on the site. Look for things like how much shade it has, the soil condition is such as clay or dry sand.

By keeping a notebook, you will be able to determine if the chosen site, will meet the needs of the garden you are hoping to grow.

With proper planning in the beginning, it will prevent major headaches down the road. You will also be successful in growing your own garden and prospering in the fruits of your labor.

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