Decluttering and Organize Storage Solutions Without Feeling Overwhelmed

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Clutter getting you down? It does me! But I’ve been doing something about that this year. One-room-at-a-time.  I thought I would share some of my decluttering and organize storage solutions that’s worked for me.

We have a rather small home and we sell antiques and collectibles. So you can imagine what my house looks like. Or maybe you can’t really, believe me when I tell you this, it’s a disaster. Well not now, but it was or still is somewhat. Let’s just say it’s a working progress.

Decluttering and Organize Storage Solutions Without Feeling Overwhelmed

I have rooms full of things to list on eBay, antiques from my grandma, Mr. B’s mom and dad’s house. When we downsized after closing the cricket business and selling our 100 acres. We tried to squash all that, three outbuildings into one tiny garage and a small home.

I kinda feel like I’m busting at the seams sometimes. Hubby just hates to throw things out… “you never know when I might need that”.  Enough already! Some things just had to go.

Around Christmas time that’s when it started. We bought our dining room table I talk about that here. I cleaned out our cluttered living room/kitchen and moved  in my nice dining room table. We always watch  tv downstairs anyway. This mess was so depressing. Now it looks nice and clean! I’m super happy.

Decluttering and organizing Storage Solutions

Just Making One Change Can Change Your Life

This  table started it all. I wish that picture wasn’t so fuzzy. But you can see the old 1960’s floor model TV. We were needing an TV upgrade. The picture was getting really hard to see. I can’t believe it still works. That TV came with the house and we used it  everyday for 14 years!

While we were buying the new TV we found this awesome table. I always wanted this room to  be the dinning room and we found it brand new at a thrift shop. Amazing! So I’ve been cleaning, organizing and purging things everyday since.

This room was pretty easy. We took out the couch and TV.  The rest of the little stuff went into Mr. Barry’s den. I made three tubs, I  just used big tubs you can pick up at Walmart.

Clutter Busting Is Easy As 123 – I Challenge You!

It’s so easy to get rid of the clutter and not overwhelm you. If you can count 123 then you  can totally do this clutter busting challenge I have for you.

Take a  month, yes 30 days. In that 30 days I  want you to pick a room you want to declutter. Each day declutter one thing in that room. Don’t over do it. Pick an easy one first. As you  progress around that room in the month, you’ll be amazed at  your  progress.

I’ll even do this with you. I have a couple rooms that need decluttering. Remember I sell on eBay full time. I have bins full of stuff that needs to be listed or given away. My craft room is terrible. That’s where I’ll start.  Let’s do this!

Decluttering and Organize Storage Tubs

Decluttering and Organize Storage Tubs

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I used these tubs to gather up all  the  clutter in the living room. I had one for donations, one to move stuff to the other room  and then two of them to put in the garage for storage and then one to sell on eBay. These really helped get the room cleaned up quickly. And I love  that I can see through them.

I hope this post on Decluttering and Organize Storage Solutions Without Feeling Overwhelmed has inspired you. Clutter can accumulate over time and then overwhelm us to the point of not doing anything about it. I’m so guilty of this too. Just  remember to start small. Baby steps is a fun way. Take the 30 day challenge. You’ll be so happy you did.

Decluttering and Organize Storage Solutions Without Feeling Overwhelmed 30 day challenge

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