7 Immune System Boosting Using All Natural Remedies -That Really Work!

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Is there a sickness going around and you don’t want to get it? I’m sharing with you today 7 immune system boosting using all natural remedies that really work! I’ve done the research for you and found the best natural remedy that will boost your immune system and keep you from getting sick. Sounds awesome doesn’t it?! I think so!

7 Immune system Boosting Using All Natural Remedies

First up is to keep tabs on how your body is feeling each day. You know…when you get that little tickle in the back of your throat. You’re thinking “I’m getting sick, I just know it!” Well, you probably are.

You can quickly nip that sicknesses in the bud before it takes over. When you feel a little off that’s when you power up your immune system like a Jedi Master!

Taking care of symptoms early on will help your body heal more quickly. And hopefully keep you from getting sick. Start listening when your body when it’s telling you something. It means “Hey there! I need some healing!” Give yourself a break and do some self love.

You’re better off using some simple remedies from home first than using chemical products from over the counter or the doctor. They just mask the problems rather than healing them.

We Can All Heal Ourselves Naturally

If you ask any of my friends they would  call me a healer. They’re always asking me how to  heal themselves or their animals. I don’t think of myself that way, rather I feel like I’ve just researched remedies more and love blabbing to them what I found out .  I’ve studied and became a Reiki Master many years ago although I don’t have clients but I do send Reiki healing to my friends and family when they’re sick.

I’ve always been fascinated in learning new ways to heal my body naturally. I have a whole arsenal of books in my library on healing from herbal books to the more hippy ones. (I was born in the  60’s so I really dig those!)😂

Even healing myself after years of dealing with stomach problems. Just by doing a simple cleanse a couple times and using essential oils. You can read about how I healed my gallbladder here  it worked, no stomach problems.

My Secret Sauce Remedy Cure All

One thing that I really researched was the one thing that everyone could use, like a quick cure all remedy. I found it! And it’s  so simple that I just can’t believe that hospitals don’t use it everyday.

Vitamin C!

7 Immune System Boosting Using All Natural RemediesThe Best Immune Booster Vitamin C Powder
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 Right before Mr. B met me. He had a horrible motorcycle accident smashed his foot into a car. It was pretty bad. I didn’t even notice him limping that much  and this was 6 months later. They really thought they would loose the foot. He had his mom get him a bag of oranges when he got home from the hospital. He ate several a day also putting his foot in the sunshine from the window in the living room.

After a week they had him come to the doctors office to see how it was doing. The doctor took off the wrappings and looked puzzled. He called three more doctors to come and look at his foot. Hubby was freaking out now. He just knew they  were going to tell him he was going to lose the foot.

Only his doctor asked him what he was doing. He said he can’t remember  if he told them he was eating oranges. Too long ago.  But he did remember that the  doctor couldn’t believe how great it was healing. And  to keep on doing what he was doing.

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Oranges, Vitamin C!

It’s so simple! And yet no one talks about it. Wonder why that is? Maybe the big Pharma is making too much money off us and they don’t want to let that go? They don’t Want us to heal ourselves with a simple orange or Vitamin C.

Through my research and I’m no doctor or fancy scientist. But I read a lot! I read the comments people make and record what really works for them. And I’ve learned that just taking a vitamin C tablet is not really the best way to get it as those supplement companies are not regulated, really you don’t know what you’re getting.

Besides the fact that when I took them with my acid reflux. Those pills burned me up. That’s why I quit taking them for so long. But the powder doesn’t do that to me. It’s easy to add to yogurt  or smoothy. I like to put them in a rice pudding cup and eat that for lunch each day.

I also know that if you are having symptoms of sickness you  should take more Vitamin C. Like at least 2 or 3 times a day until the symptoms go away. You can’t get too much of it, your body uses what it needs  and then it flushes out the rest. It’s perfectly safe.

They are curing aids in Africa with Vitamin C. But you won’t see this on the news.

First Thing To Do When You Start Feeling Sick

When I start getting symptoms of getting sick. I add a small teaspoon Vitamin C powder to my old standby a rice pudding cup. Hubby puts his in a yogurt cup. If that doesn’t feel like it’s working quickly enough then I’ll get out my favorite herbal book to find out what the heck is wrong with me, then I head to my first aid pantry for my cure. Herbal supplements are the first thing I turn to when something is going south in my body.

But normally the Vitamin C does the trick most times. I only started using this brand of Vitamin C last year and I swear it’s kept me from getting sick all of last year. Even when Mr. B came down with the flu. I stayed healthy. Yeah Me!

7 Immune Boosters That Are All Natural

Vitamin C Powder– You’ve read how I use it. Give it a try! You can also buy oranges, but I find that I just don’t eat them like I do the powder.

Chicken Noodle Soup -Warm soup is a comfort food when you feel bad. It’s what mom feeds us so it’s got to be good for us.

Lavender -Sleep is important. I use lavender essential oil in a roller ball. Roll this on the bottom of your feet to quickly get to sleep at night. I also put this in an infuser in my bedroom for extra comfort. Lavender oil is the best for sleep to get a good nights rest.

Garlic – This is always good for you when your sick and can make you start to feel better. Just by eating things with garlic in them will help. Like a plate of spaghetti with garlic bread.

Ginger root most common is for stomach upset, heartburn, or indigestion. This can be added to a hot beverage and sipped. Kinda hot herb, use it sparingly.

Peppermint– I use peppermint essential oil in a roller ball for headaches. It works GREAT! Just roll some on your temples. I usually roll some on the neck of my t-shirt so I can smell it longer. Really helped me when I was getting migraine headaches.

Germ Fighter Essential Oil-I love this essential oil and could take a bath in it. That’s how much I love it. I put a drop of this in the palm of my hand dip my pinky then place that under my tongue every morning and rub my  hands together then rub it on my  neck. This is what keeps my stomach right and will help build up your immune system quickly.

How  To Make The Roller Balls

Making the Roller Balls is very easy, just get the rollers online along with  fractionated coconut oil I buy this brand. Just add 20 drops of any  of the oils in the roller ball, then fill the rest up with the fractionated coconut oil. Add the top and label.

I  use address labels and cover that with scotch tape or packing tape. Add the label first before filling. I keep the peppermint and lavender by  my bed and use at night. If I wake up with a headache. I  just roll some on my head and go back to  sleep. When I wake up…No more headache!


7 Immune system Boosting Using All Natural Remedies -That Really Work!

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