Healing Gallbladder Problems Naturally -I Saved Myself $20,000!

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Healing Gallbladder Problems Naturally

Yes I did, I saved myself at least $20,000 in medical bills! 

Disclosure: I am not a doctor and nor do I pretend to be. I can’t promise you that this will work for you but it did for me. You might want to consult a doctor for any severe health issues.

UPDATE: 2018 No problems, I did have a little set back when I tried to drink Kefir again, but only stomach issues, no Gallbladder problems. I also drink 1/2 water, 1/2 apple juice in a glass every morning. This helps break down any gallstones.

cure gallbladder problems naturallyI wasn’t going to write about me Healing My Gallbladder Problems. But my Step Father is in the hospital now getting his gallbladder taken out. If I could help just one person not have to go through a unnecessary hospital stay then all the better.

And I thought it would fit in perfectly with my renewed love for old school remedies which not only work but are so much better for you than hospital stays. As a homesteader or prepper this would be very important information to be prepared for when you couldn’t go to a hospital or see a doctor. Medicine woman to the rescue.

Too Much Probiotic

The year before last I was messing around with making Kefir again. I had made it many years ago but quit for some reason and couldn’t remember why. I wanted to be more healthy. I started making it and drinking it each day, It’s a natural Probiotic that is said to help heal you and you will never be sick again. Hey I’m all for that! So after a few months of drinking it daily, I started to feel kinda bad, so I drank more, by the time the holiday’s were here I was super sick and didn’t feel like eating or celebrating.

In January I quit all of the healthy stuff for a while and was getting better and then in April of this  I started the Kefir up again thinking that I should get back on track of healing, but it didn’t go as planned and I got really sick this time, I finally found out by looking on the internet that some people just can’t drink it, and it makes some people really ill, now why didn’t I find that before!?

I had to fix myself AND I don’t want surgery

So I dumped all the kefir down the drain and tried to eat more greens, veggies, apples, healthy eating was the plan. My gallbladder was screaming at me and my stomach, it was getting worse and worse, I couldn’t eat anything, and I didn’t want to, everyone said…go to the doctor. But I’m not a fan of doctors. I knew what would happen, tests, more tests, then surgery. I had a problem back in my 20’s and we had very good insurance at the time. I had all kinds of tests done and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. I figured it was my gallbladder so I just stayed in bed for a week and fixed myself. I could do that again. I wanted and need all my inside things. Lol!

My mother had her gallbladder taken out and has nothing but troubles ever since. I started reading about cleanses and even talked to a lady who had done it herself twice and went to the emergency room each time. She must of done something wrong or just couldn’t handle the pain. What did I have to lose? I was going to have to go to the hospital soon anyway, the way I was feeling. Why not give it a try…right?

Cure Gallbladder Problems Naturally

cure gallbladder problems naturally Apples

Ok, Where was I? Oh yeah! I was reading about how to cleanse yourself…

My Rant About Modern Doctors

I found this blog post that a lady wrote and it was current, not years ago. She was a nurse and she explained why so many people get their gallbladders taken out. It’s the doctors BREAD AND BUTTER money. Yep you heard me. It’s a easy procedure for them and so many people are in such pain they will do anything to get the pain over with quick.

But the doctors don’t tell you that just getting rid of your gallbladder will not get rid of all the pain. Gallstones get into other parts of your body too!  Holy Crap!

I was in dire straights and I couldn’t even drink milk without my gallbladder hurting so bad and then my stomach would hurt, I had to do something quick! I read and read some more and I read all the comments of other people that did this cleanse and it worked for them, I figured if it worked for them then it would work for me, I followed her Little cleanse procedure to the letter, here’s what I did. Months After I did this cleanse I found the very same instructions in one of my vintage Herbal Remedies books!

Healing Gallbladder Problems Naturally

My Gallbladder Cleanse

Notice: I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be, this worked for me, but I can’t promise you it will work for you so try this at your own risk. I’m not responsible for your health, but it worked for me.


Epsom Salt Food Grade (I got mine from the CVS Store in the pharmacy department)
Apple Juice at least 3 or 4 gallons I mixed mine 1/2 with water.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Lemon
1 Orange or grapefruit
Glass Vintage Juicer I got mine at a thrift store but you can get one really cheap on amazon
Quart Jar with lid Of course I have a purple one!

These have affiliate links that give me a tiny bit of money when you click and buy from my site 😉


You will have to do this for 6 days and it is major surgery on your insides Naturally, so make plans to be off for a few days after you do this and you want to do this on the full moon or shortly after  you’re getting rid of your gallstones, full moon is for letting go of things. I started on the last week of the month and on the first of the next month I did the cleanse.Grandma planted her gardens by the moon she knows the moon affects us, more than we realize. I also mix my apple juice 1/2 and 1/2 with water, it’s just to sugary full strength.

This is going to take 6 Days To Do

All week you want to eat low fat and eat light meals and drink your apple juice each day. Day 6 should be on the weekend like a friday and take the day off from work or at least half a day.

Day 1 -Drink 1 gallon of Apple Juice throughout the day. (This is going to soften up the gallstones, you want those babies soft so they don’t get stuck.

Day 2 -Drink 1 gallon of Apple Juice throughout the day. (Remember I mixed mine 1/2 and 1/2 with water.)

Day 3 -Drink 1 gallon of Apple Juice throughout the day.

Day 4 -Drink 1 gallon of Apple Juice throughout the day.

Day 5 -Drink 8 oz glass of Apple Juice every two hours. I also did a colon cleanse by drinking 1 TBS Epsom Salt Food Grade into 1/2 glass of water, you can drink it through a straw and you won’t taste it so bad. (works fast so do this at home and near the bathroom.)

Day 6 – Eat a light breakfast with no fat, then no food after 2pm. Today is the important day so stay home or at least do a half day. You need to rest. I did it on a weekend. Drink 1 gallon of Apple Juice throughout the day. I did the colon cleans again on this day. (only drink warm things today, don’t add ice to your drinks) You can drink but only apple juice and plain hot tea after 2pm but no food. Sorry Charlie.

Now this is the clean you out part, which is a must

    • 2pm Mix up 4 Tablespoons of epsom salt in 3 cups of water, pour into a jar and put this in the refrigerator to chill.
    • 6pm Drink 3/4 cup of your Epsom salt mixture from the fridge, well this will be chilled. Not sure that it matters, I kept it in the fridge until I went to bed at
    • 10pm. You can drink it from a straw but drink it quickly. I didn’t know about that trick until after I did my first cleanse. Yuck city!
    • 8am Drink another 3/4 cup of your Epsom Salt mixture. (I only got a sip in and switched over to just plain water)

OK This is the IMPORTANT part

You want to be alone to do this part, not the mixing but the drinking, Do it in your bedroom bathroom or a next to your bed and Be alone. Make hubs sleep on the couch, I had mine sleep in our cabin for the weekend so I could rest and cleanse by myself.

Take the rest of the epsom salt drink with a straw to your bedroom and set by your bed.

  • 9:45 pm Pour 1/2 cup of olive oil in a jar, Squeeze your orange and your lemon. I have a vintage glass juicer that I used, I just cut the fruit in half and then worked each in the glass juicer reamer thingy and pour the juice into your jar with the olive oil you already put in the jar. Now put on the lid tightly and shake, shake, shake. Yes my lid wasn’t on tight enough and I made a little bit of a mess in my bathroom. 🙂 (Now turn off your TV, Cell phone or all noise, maybe have a fan on for white noise.)
  • 10pm on the dot. Drink your mixture down in 5 minutes. Don’t think about it, just drink it as fast as you can, it’s really not bad with the orange and lemon mixed into it, but it’s still olive oil so it’s kinda yucky.
  • Now as quick as you can, lay down on you bed BY YOURSELF on your right side and pull your legs up to your chin. Stay still and quiet, You need to lay like that for 5 minutes without moving, no noise turn off the tv. Total quiet. Think about how great your going to feel getting all those stones out of you.

Ok I had just a bit of trouble, I thought I would get sick at this point, when I laid my head down I thought I would throw up. Lucky I had a bunch of pillows on my bed so I quickly put a couple under my head and then laid still for the full 5 minutes. Then I got comfortable or as much as I could, at this point I couldn’t even have a pillow touching my stomach at night because it hurt. I slept for a bit and then at 3am I drank a little bit more of the epsom drink, I didn’t have a straw and thought I was really going to throw up, but I didn’t.

And then 2 hours later you should drink the rest of the epsom salt drink. Well I only got a little swig down and then it was bathroom time.

To my utter amazement I passed a bunch of gallstones. I mean I passed a bunch of them too, little pea size or larger green things, and no I didn’t dig any of them out of the toilet, gross! But when I flushed there were so many of them each time too.

The next morning you’re going to feel like you were scraped from the inside out. But it’s not a bad feeling it’s a clean feeling.. It took me about 6 days to get to feeling better and then the next week I was feeling awesome. No pain!

That was July 1 of 2016 and I still feel great. I have no pain in my gallbladder and my stomach is 90% better. I have a few days of hurting, but nothing like it was.  I’ve figured out how to cure my gallbladder problems naturally and got my stomach back to 100% Pain free but that’s another blog post all together.

natural remedies gallbladder problems

I read that you should do it again and again until you do a cleanse or you have no gallstones.

Well my feeling on that is if it’s ain’t broke don’t fix it. I think that if you over do healthy things it will make you sick. Like my kefir problem. So I’ve opted not to do anymore. If I start to have troubles again then I’ll go for it.

WOW! That was a long blog post. I hope I didn’t gross you out too much. But I just had to share my healing experience with someone. Most people think I’m crazy. But I did save my gallbladder from being cut out of me, And $20,000 of my hard earned money.

To me That is just super AWESOME! Just remember I’m no doctor and you can try this at your own risk. But I would give it a try if you’re anything like me and want to keep all your body parts and your money.

Healing Gallbladder Problems Naturally

Happy Healing Health,


PS. You can read more about the Gallbladder Cleans in Andreas Moritz book on Amazon The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. ( I don’t agree with everything in the book but it did answer some questions I had after I did mine.)

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