Essential Oils For Beginners 5 Easy Steps To Start Using Oils

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Essential Oils For Beginners 5 Easy Steps

Are you looking for alternatives to drug store medicine? Switching out drug store for natural medicines is easier than you might think. Today I’m sharing essential oils for beginners, 5 easy steps to start using oils in your home!

I recommend buying oils only from a reputable company. I love Plant Therapy’s Essential Oil Starter Set.

You may have heard about essential oils, especially if you look up natural remedies for physical and mental ailments, but are not sure exactly what they are. This information is going to provide a brief summary of essential oils, how they are made, and what they can do for you.

1. What is an essential oil?

Knowing the basics of essential oils can help you understand more about how they are able to help you and encourage you to use them more often as a natural remedy. Essential oils are oils that are extracted from parts of flowers, plants, and trees.

The oils come from the flower petals, bark, leaves, seeds, roots, and fruits. Even a single drop of oil from these parts of a plant or tree can have drastic positive impacts on mental and physical ailments.

The way they are extracted is usually by steaming the plant to separate the oil from water, which is a type of distillation process. They are highly concentrated and some are too strong for direct contact on your skin.

2. Why are essential oils used?

Essential oils are used as a natural or holistic remedy for various ailments. There is a long list of things they can help with. You’ll always want to check with your doctor if you’re currently taking any medication. They can help in the healing with everything from migraines to skin conditions.

Essential Oils For Beginners Lemon Lavender Peppermint Set

If you’re just starting out,  I recommend the Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint Diffuser Set. I love this smaller set and it comes with a diffuser!

Here is a short list of the many ways essential oils can help you:

• Insomnia
• Headaches and migraines
• Joint aches and pains
• Chronic pain
• Menstrual irregularities
• Cups, scrapes and burns
• Signs of aging and wrinkles
• Anxiety, stress, and depression

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3. How do you use essential oils?

You have a few different options for using your essential oils. A common way is through aromatherapy, where you get the benefits from having the scent in the air, such as with a diffuser or by placing it in your bathtub.

You can ingest oils if they are diluted properly, which is often done when you add lemon essential oil to your water or have it in your tea. Then you can use it topically on your skin when you want to get rid of acne, treat a bug or insect bite, or get a natural glow on your skin.

With essential oils, you have the option of using just one for its main benefit, such as lavender to relieve stress, chamomile for insomnia, or Frankincense for allergy symptoms. You can also make blends to have a different scent and help with more ailments at one time.

4. Benefits of using essential oils.

Essential oils are safe to use and all natural. Which means that you’re not adding anything synthetic to your body only natural ingredients.  Drug store medicine often contain things that make us sleepy and groggy.

They are even safe to use on kids. Try applying some lavender oil to the bottom of your children’s feet at night. It has a soothing, calming effect that helps them drift off to sleep.  You should probably make one for yourself too!

I keep a roller ball by my bed at night, it works great to get me off to sleep. I just roll on the bottom of my feet and before I know it, I’m a sleep.

5. Tips to get started using oils.

The simplest way to get started using oils it to just buy a kit. If you buy the big essential oils kit I mentioned at the top of the page.  You get every oil you need to switch over your medicine cabinet to a more natural healing power. I like to use 20 drops of essential oil in the roller ball and then add the carrier oil to fill it up.

Essential Oils For Beginners

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