Grow Your Own Salad Kit

Grow Your Own Salad Kit -Super Fun For The Kids!

Grow Your Own Salad Start Some Seeds Inside today! Thinking of having a Home Garden this year? What about growing your own Salad? Amazon has a few really cool Grow your own Salad Kits available. Many people are deciding to take the plunge and deciding to grow some of their own vegetables this year. Growing […]

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Homesteading for women

What Kind Of Gardens Are There?

I have Three Kinds of Gardens. The picture above is my Herb/flower garden. I think this was the second or third year. This year I have to redo most of it. See my Purple flowers? They are Echinacea. If you don’t know what that is, you soon will as I love that stuff! It’s such […]

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Herb Garden In Your Kitchen

Save Money! Start Your Own Herb Garden In Your Kitchen

Your Kids Will Have Fun Too! Save Money! Start Your Own Herb Garden In Your Kitchen. You can start growing herbs anytime. If you grow them in the house. You can have a little kitchen garden right in your window sill, growing seedlings that you can add to your salads and smoothies. A Little Herb History […]

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Easy Herb Gardening Beginners Guide (1)

Easy Herb Gardening Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to Herb Gardening Here’s my Super Easy Herb Gardening Beginners Guide. Don’t sweat gardening this year! Even beginners can grow herbs. Most of the herbs I’m going to talk about in my blog are weeds anyway, so how hard can it be? Right?! Many of them can grow very happy in containers on […]

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Unique Garden Ideas Bathtubs

Unique Garden Ideas – See My Bathtub Gardens!

Looking For Some Unique Garden Ideas? I was looking for an easy way to make a garden, one that I could easily take care of and weed. I had a few Unique Garden Ideas in mind. We had an old bathtub on the farm that hubs used as target practice. We brought that over to […]

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