Garden growing tips and canning.

7 Bulbs to plant in the fall for Spring

7 Bulbs To Plant In The Fall

I Love to see the spring flowers coming up in the spring! I’m going talk about today 7 different bulbs to plant in the fall, starting with some of my favorite.Daffodils come up first in indiana then I see little purple crocus that pop up tiny purple flowers in little spots in my flower garden […]

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7 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids

7 Awesome Fairy Garden Ideas Great Fun For The Kids Big and Little

Fairy Gardens Are HOT This Year! I was visiting my mom over the weekend and we hit our favorite craft store. I fell in love with the Fairy Garden items I found in there. They are So Cute! That started my whole new obsession with fairy gardens I just love these Fairies the Best!  I […]

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Garden Planting Vegetables

Garden Planting Vegetables For Beginners -The Best Time To Plant A Garden

It’s time to plant your garden! Here in Indiana, we plant our garden after Derby Day which is the first Saturday in May. That’s when our frost free day, some of the farmers around here planted early and they have to cover the plants when it frosts, which it always does. This book is The […]

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4 Garden Fruit To Grow in Containers at home

4 Garden Fruit To Grow In Containers

Did you know that you can get garden fruit to grow in containers? I’ve seen it done many times and what a great treat if you live in an apartment or condo, you can grow your own fruit! I like the idea that if you had say a miniature lemon tree you could just bring […]

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Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce

4 Health Benefits Of Growing Fresh Produce

What are these AMAZING Health Benefits? I can think of one right off the bat, that would be Amazing Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce. Saving money is one, anything that can give you another dollar in my purse is very healthy to me. Can you think of any more? My other reason is pretty scary […]

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