7 Tips for Growing Tomatoes In Containers

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Let’s Grow Some Tomatoes!

If you never had vine-ripened tomatoes right from the plant before, then you are missing out on something truly AMAZING! You can learn to grow your own tomatoes right on your patio with these 7 Tips for growing tomatoes in containers!

7 Tips for Growing Tomatoes In Containers

You may have noticed that the tomatoes you buy at the stores have no taste at all. Those are raised in a hothouse and picked before they are ripe.

Anyone who has grown their own tomatoes will know that store-bought tomatoes can never compare with freshly grown ones from their own garden. The good news is that tomatoes can be successfully grown with container gardening. So, even if you have limited land or you live in an apartment, you can still grow your own tomatoes. In fact, growing one’s own tomatoes is very popular with thousands of people.

This article will give you a few tips to growing healthy, luscious tomatoes that will not only taste good but will be produce that you can be proud of. Your friends and family will definitely be amazed when you tell them that you grew those beautiful tomatoes in a container.

Follow the tips below because these are the essential basics that will make all the difference between success and failure with your container gardening.

Choose The Right Pot

There are many different types of containers that you could use. In fact, you are spoiled for choice. You could even use buckets or wooden boxes and as long as there are small holes for drainage, these will be just fine. Make sure you choose a container that is large enough to hold the tomatoes till they reach maturity.

Prepare Your Container Well

When choosing your container, make sure you pick one that is medium to large in size. The external part of the container must be treated but the internal part should be left untouched so that chemicals do not leech into the soil.

Depending on where you will be placing the container, you should pay attention to the color of the container. Generally, light colors are better since they do not expose the plant to extreme heat or cold. Make sure your container has holes at the base to drain excess water.

Select The Right Tomato Variety

Everyone has their own preferences. However, you should choose a tomato plant that will thrive in your climate and are suitable for container gardening. It’s best to choose determinate varieties such as Celebrity, Mountain Delight, Patio Hybrid, or Husky Red Hybrid. You could even grow cherry tomatoes such as Cherry Gold, Tiny Tim, or Red Robin.

Prepare Your Soil

The soil is crucial to successful gardening. You will need to mix garden soil, clay, sandy soil, peat moss, fertilizer, etc, in correct proportions to get the best possible soil to grow your plants. If all that seems like too much trouble, you can easily buy ready-made potting mixes that are sold in nurseries.

Planting The Tomatoes

During this process, you will need to fill the container with the potting media. Leave 2 to 4 inches from the rim. Make holes in the soil and place 2 plants in a pot. Cover the roots completely with soil and make the soil firm so as to remove air pockets in the soil. Repeat this process with the rest of your tomato seedlings.

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Water Your Tomato Plants

Water your plants regularly but do not overdo it. The plants only need the right amount of water. Excessive watering will lead to pests or disease infestation. Make sure there is adequate irrigation by checking the topsoil. Also, ensure that there is not too much water drainage resulting in dry soil.

Growing Tomatoes In Containers

More Tomato Care Tips

Besides the tips above, you should try and give your tomato plants exposure to sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours daily. You can use mulching with bark or straw to retain the water moisture in the soil and also halt weed growth.

Check your plants for possible problems such as aphid, mildew, bugs, etc. By keeping a close eye on your plant, you will be able to nip any problem in the bud and the problem will not escalate and lead to the spreading of disease among the plants.

There are many benefits to growing tomatoes with container gardening. It’s easier to keep weeds in check and you can easily transport your plant wherever you wish. Give container gardening a try and you will enjoy fresh, tasty tomatoes in no time at all.

I hope you enjoyed this article on 7 tips for growing tomatoes in containers. If you like this then you might also like my printable Garden Planner to help keep you organized.

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