4 Health Benefits Of Growing Fresh Produce

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Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce

What are these AMAZING Health Benefits?

I can think of one right off the bat, that would be Amazing Health Benefits of Growing
Fresh Produce. Saving money is one, anything that can give you another dollar in my purse
is very healthy to me. Can you think of any more?

My other reason is pretty scary
but I told you I get all most of my food from Walmart, sad but true.
And a really bad thing is happening, a lot of fresh food is coming from
other countries. How on earth did that start happening? I have to look at
the little signs on the produce to see if it was grown in the USA. I really should
go to a different store to shop but it’s convenient, am I right?

Well what’s more convenient than just stepping out your door and getting your food,
that You’ve Grown Yourself! Yes, I love that idea and if you never tasted a FRESH tomato
then you’ve not tasted anything my friend. Those things are awesome! As a kid that was my lunch,
tomato with mayo and some cheese. That’s it! They are to die for, let me tell you, they are that good.
Here’s my 4 Amazing Health benefits of growing Fresh Produce.

It is Loaded With Nutrients

Fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs, have tons of nutrients. Many of
these are considered superfoods, which have a higher amount of vitamins and minerals.
Some good superfoods are blueberries, kale, spinach, and strawberries. All fruits and
veggies have a lot of nutrients you want, which are a higher amount with fresh produce.
This includes vitamins C and A, vitamin D, folate, potassium, fiber, and lots of

You Can Prepare Well Balanced Meals

Thanks to the nutritious fresh produce and the convenience of having them at home,
you can also use them to prepare healthier, more balanced meals. This is an excellent

health benefit as your family might be struggling with malnutrition without even realizing
it. Sure, you might be eating enough food, but not the right foods. Having fruits and
vegetables right in your own backyard encourages you to prepare more of these
balanced meals for the good of your family’s health.

Gardening Itself is Good Exercise

Even the growing itself of fresh produce in your backyard is going to be good for your
health. It helps you burn calories, be more active, and can even get your kids involved.
Have them Grow their own Pizza! Plus don’t forget that when you are outside more often by
planting your veggies and herbs, you are going to get more vitamin D from the sunlight.
This helps to prevent vitamin D deficiency, which is common for many people. Try to get
everyone in the family involved in growing your own food and you will all benefit from it.

You Won’t Have Nasty Chemicals

Growing your own produce means you have full control of what is added to it. You can
avoid harsh fertilizers in the soil and use pest control methods that are completely
natural without chemicals in them. This is the same thing you get from buying organic
produce, but when you grow it on your own, you have the convenience factor and save
money at the same time. Less chemicals is always a good thing when you start feeding
your family more fruits and veggies.

Happy Harvest!


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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce


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