15 Items to sell for extra money

15 Items to Sell For Extra Money Right In Your Home

Are you looking to make some extra money? Did you know that you probably have a lot of stuff around your house that you can make some quick money from? Things you might not have thought would be sellable. You might be wondering “How do I make an extra $200, $500 or even $1000 this […]

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Things to sell to make money fast

10 Things To Sell To Make Money Fast

Many of us have struggled to make ends meet from time to time. Some years more than others. I feel like I’m the queen of selling things to make money. I’ve been doing that very thing most of my life. Let me share some of my tips with you today. 10 Things To Sell To […]

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52 Week Money Saving Printable

I Use This 52 Week Money Saving Challenge Checklist To Finally Save Money

Let’s Make Saving Money Fun! Are you trying to save money but never seem to get any headway? I’m right there with ya! I use to have a tough time, saving money in the past. Until I started using my 52-week money-saving challenge printable, then it was easy to save money. Are you ready to […]

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7 Household Items to sell for extra money

7 Household Items To Sell For Extra Money

As many of you know I sell regular household items on eBay and that’s how I make my living. If you’re looking to make some extra money this holiday season. Why not sell off some of the stuff you don’t use anymore that’s just laying around the house? Here’s my list of 7 household items […]

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How to start a homestead with no money (1)-min

How To Start A Homestead With No Money

Dreaming of owning a homestead but your flat broke? I feel your pain, and I’ve been in that situation more times than I care to admit. Read on my friend and I’ll give you some ideas on how to start a homestead with no money in your pocket. If you’re like most Americans these days, […]

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How To STart a Blog 4 Easy Steps (2)

How To Start A Blog In Four Easy Steps

Getting a blog started is super easy and it cheap too. I’ve been blogging for many years, you can tell because hubs is always saying to me “You could blog about that!” Do I have him trained or what?! 🙂 Today I’ll show you How To Start A Blog in Four Easy Steps. Have you […]

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