15 Items to Sell For Extra Money Right In Your Home

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Are you looking to make some extra money? Did you know that you probably have a lot of stuff around your house that you can make some quick money from? Things you might not have thought would be sellable.

You might be wondering “How do I make an extra $200, $500 or even $1000 this month?” I can help. You can do this right from your home too. I’m going to show you how to find 15 items to sell for extra money and the best part is that those items can be found around your house!

I’ve sold over 27,000 items on eBay since 2011. I’m selling just ordinary things you would find around the house!

I even sold a rock from my yard! I’ve actually sold several of them. Lol!

15 Items to sell for extra money

Ok, Let’s get started!

Many of us have items cluttering our homes that we no longer use or need. I’ve found that selling these items is not only a fantastic way to declutter, but it’s also an excellent method to earn a little extra cash.

Whether it’s clothing I’ve outgrown, books I’ve already read, or electronic gadgets that have been replaced with the latest model, each item has the potential to find a new home and pad my wallet in the process.

Need Extra Money 15 Ideas For Selling Things Around Your House

As I begin to sort through my belongings, I make sure to organize items into categories, such as clothes, books, electronics, and collectibles.

This not only helps me keep track of what I have, but it also makes it easier to determine what I want to sell, keep or save for a yard sale.

When you organize your items into categories, it really helps down the road when you decide to sell them. What avenue or platform you want to start selling off first.

I also learned that setting up a garage sale can be a fun weekend project that allows neighbors and passersby to scoop up deals while I make quick cash.

For anything that doesn’t sell, I look into donation options or ways to recycle the items responsibly.

This not only benefits the environment but also ensures that my items are not contributing to unnecessary waste.

By engaging in this side hustle, I discovered the satisfying feeling of simplifying my surroundings while giving my budget a helpful boost.

Key Takeaways

  • Sorting and properly preparing items maximizes their resale value.
  • Choosing the correct platforms is crucial for successful sales.
  • Unsold items can be donated or recycled responsibly.

Getting Started: Sorting and Preparing Your Items

Want Extra Money To Supplement Your Income Fast

Before diving into selling, my focus is on sorting items and preparing them to catch a buyer’s eye. A systematic approach ensures no valuable item gets overlooked and everything I sell is presented at its best.

Identify Valuable Items

I begin by perusing through the house methodically, starting from the attic and working down to the closets.

I create a list with categories like furniture, electronics, clothes, books, toys, artwork, and jewelry. A simple table helps me keep track:

CategoryItem DescriptionCondition
ElectronicsOld smartphoneGood
FurnitureAntique chairFair
ClothesVintage jeansExcellent
BooksFirst-edition novelVery Good
ToysWooden train setGood
ArtworkFramed paintingExcellent
JewelrySilver necklaceGood

By categorizing, I can focus on items that are more likely to sell and have value to others.

Cleaning and Presentation Tips

My next step is ensuring everything looks its absolute best.

I dust off furniture, polish jewelry with a soft cloth, and use gentle cleaners on electronics.

For clothes and toys, I wash and sanitize them thoroughly. My cleaning supplies list includes:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Gentle detergent
  • Jewelry cleaner
  • Wood polish
  • Electronic wipes

Presentation matters just as much as cleanliness.

For electronics, I untangle and neatly coil cords. Clothes are iron folded or hung on hangers. Books are wiped down and stacked neatly.

Making items presentable is key to attracting buyers.

Setting Prices

Determining the right price can be tricky, but I reference online marketplaces to gauge the going rates for similar items.

I take note of the condition of my pieces and factor that into my pricing. For example:

  • Furniture: Slightly worn sofa – I’d set around 30% of original price.
  • Electronics: A smartphone in good condition – perhaps 50% of its current retail value.
  • Clothes: Hardly worn brand-name jeans – around 40% of what I paid.
  • Books: A rare find could fetch up to 70% if the demand is there.

Pricing should be fair but also leaves room for negotiation, as buyers often like to haggle.

15 Things to sell around your house to make extra income fast

Choosing the Right Platforms

When I decide to sell items for extra cash, finding the right platform can greatly simplify the process and maximize my earnings. Each platform has its strengths and caters to specific types of goods and buyers.

Local Sales and Classifieds

In my experience, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are useful for local sales. These platforms allow me to avoid shipping fees and sell larger items that are difficult to ship. I’ve sold several campers, vehicles and a boat on Craigslist and bought a few things off of Facebook Marketplace.

  • Craigslist: Ideal for a wide range of items, from furniture to vehicles.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Great for reaching a large local audience, and it integrates with my social profile.

Online Auctions and Marketplaces

eBay stands out to me as the go-to for online auctions and marketplaces. It’s versatile and offers buyer and seller protections, which is crucial for peace of mind. eBay is my go to selling platform. I sell everything from large knitting machines, to fabric for sewing and a lot of vintage items.

  • eBay: A vast global marketplace suitable for everything from collectibles to electronics. Auction and buy-it-now options.

Consignment and Thrift Stores

For clothes and accessories, I’ve found that Poshmark is a great place to sell clothing. I think the people over there are a little more picky about how the clothing fits. eBay buyers are more laid back and won’t complain if the shirt fit them tight or is the wrong color. That’s why I didn’t sell on Poshmark for long. I prefer eBay.

  • Poshmark: Perfect for designer clothes and accessories with a strong community of fashion enthusiasts.
  • Consignment Stores: Local stores allow you to sell my clothes and sometimes furniture, where they manage the sale and you will collect a percentage of the profits. We don’t have any of these stores around me. So I can’t say for sure how successful they might be for you.

Items with High Resale Value

Which is Better for selling clothing eBay or Etsy

In my experience, some items gather significant attention in the resale market due to their brand, technology, or historical value. Here’s a breakdown of categories that I’ve found can fetch a decent sum.

Electronics and Media

  • Phones and Tablets: I make sure to keep my old phones and tablets in good condition because models from popular brands, especially with significant storage capacity, can be sold at a fairly good price.
  • Computers and Laptops: Technology enthusiasts often look for used computers and laptops for parts or refurbishing. I’ve noticed that well-maintained gear can return a substantial amount of their original value.
  • Video Games: Whether it’s the games themselves or the consoles, these items can be hot in the resale market, especially if they’re rare or in demand.

Designer Clothing and Accessories

  • Clothes and Shoes: Apparel from sought-after brands can hold their value, especially if they are limited edition or classic items. When I keep them in excellent condition, I can sell them for a great price.
  • Handbags and Purses: Designer bags are often timeless, and I find that genuine items can be sold for a significant percentage of their retail price.
  • Jewelry: Pieces like gold and diamond jewelry are forever appealing, and I’ve successfully sold them for an impressive sum when the market conditions are right. I even sell costume jewelry very well on eBay.

Antiques and Collectibles

  • Antiques: I take time to assess my antique items, as things like furniture or vintage items with a rich history or unique character are highly valued by collectors.
  • Collectibles: These can range from old coins to vintage comic books. The key, I’ve learned, is rarity and the condition they’re in.

Furniture and Appliances

  • Furniture: Sturdy, well-crafted furniture, especially from recognizable designers or brands, can return a good portion of their original price.
  • Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets: High-end kitchen gadgets that are lightly used, like mixers or espresso machines, often have a market among budding chefs or coffee aficionados. I love selling Vintage Kitchen Gadgets, they are my top seller!

Hosting a Successful Garage Sale

In my experience, the key to a successful garage sale involves good advertising, great signage on the roads getting to your house, an attractive display, and the ability to negotiate. Each of these elements ensures that I can sell items effectively and enjoyably.

Effective Advertising

I’ve learned that advertising is crucial to draw attention to my garage sale. Posting on Facebook in your towns group page, is a great start to getting the word out. Also putting an ad in the newspaper a week before the sale and the week of the sale.

I use bold and bright signs around the neighborhood leading to my garage at least a week prior. Make sure all your signs are the same color and placed in ideal locations, pointing to your home. The more signs the better.

It’s also beneficial to list the sale on local classified websites, community boards, and social media groups specific to selling items.

This way, buyers know exactly when and where to find my collection of power tools, garden tools, and patio furniture that are for sale.

Displaying Items

How I display items can really impact sales. Also put a price tag on everything. If someone picks up an item with no tag, they will more than likely not buy it at all.

I make sure to organize items into categories, such as sports equipment together and holiday decorations displayed prominently to catch the eye.

For higher-priced items like exercise equipment, I position them so they are the first things buyers see as soon as they walk in.

A well-organized table or section makes it easier for buyers to browse my items.

ToolsPower tools, hand tools
OutdoorGarden tools, outdoor furniture
Sports/ExerciseSports gear, exercise equipment
DecorationsHoliday decorations

Negotiating with Buyers

Negotiating is an expected part of a garage sale. Being open to haggling is important, but I always set a firm minimum price in my mind for each item. Remember to price everything!

Listening to offers and knowing when to meet a buyer halfway makes for a successful transaction.

I always keep a friendly demeanor, which encourages buyers to feel comfortable making a purchase or negotiating a price for items like a barely used power drill or an outdoor dining set.

After the Sale: Donations and Recycling

Donating Items:

When I can’t sell items, I turn to donations. It’s a great way to declutter while helping others.

Local charities appreciate receiving:

  • Clothes: Gently used clothing can find new life with someone in need.
  • Books: Educational materials and novels provide knowledge and entertainment.
  • Furniture: Items in good condition can furnish homes affordably.

I ensure to clean and pack my donations neatly, making things easier for the charity workers.

15 Items To Sell For Extra Money Fast-min

Now Let’s Find 15 Items To Sell For Extra Money From Around Your home

1. Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing is a great thing to sell online. I’ve done really well selling clothing on eBay. It’s really easy! Just grab your phone, download the app and start taking pictures, then upload them to the site. Easy peasy. I made over $50 in one day from an old coat I had in my closet.

womens clothing items to sell on eBay

2. Men’s Clothing

Men’s clothing I sell on eBay. I cleaned out Mr. B’s closet and found so many nice clothes that he will never wear! Those things sell great, dress pants and dress shirts. Ties and belts. Along with shoes and t-shirts. Anything a guy would wear, there is someone online looking to buy it. You know guys they hate to shop. But they can hop on eBay and buy it and just pick it up in the mail. Super easy and very profitable. >>Learn from me how to sell on eBay.

Mens items to sell on eBay

3. Coffee Mugs

I sell a lot of coffee mugs over the years. From collectible Fire King mugs to just novelty, funny mugs.

15 Items To Sell For Extra Money

4. Flatware

Flatware is a great thing to sell online. Especially when it get’s close to a holiday where people are having company over. They want nice flatware or at least matching forks and knives. This is a great thing to sell and easy to ship.

Items to sell from home

5. Kitchen Gadgets

I’m talking about things that make cooking easier. Like potato slicers, egg separators and various kitchen type tools for baking.

Kitchen Items to sell on ebay

6. Dinner Plates

Are you tired of your old dinner plates? Sell them on eBay to earn money to buy a new set! I’ve had people buy dinner plates especially around the holidays with family visiting coming into town, they might need one more plate so that Aunt Martha can eat off the good china. Some people will buy replacement plate that their dear Aunt broke while helping out with the dishes. This is also great for a person that is building up a set but can’t find all of them at one place. I do very well selling Dinner plates.

Dinner Plate items to sell on eBay

7. Vases

Every girl needs a few vases around the house. You never know when someone will bring home some flowers for you. (Mr. B I could use some flowers, hint, hint) If you don’t have any around the house you can always find these in the thrift shop. I saw on Pinterest where someone was taking one of these and painting the whole thing black. Strange, whatever floats your boat.

Flower Vase Items to sell online

8. Drinking Glasses

I sell a lot of drinking glasses, these break and need to be replaced. Really doesn’t matter what they look like but the more unique the better. I’ve even sold plastic cups for halloween, skull cups. Those sell fast.

Drink Glasses To sell on shopify

9. Man Cave Stuff

I mostly cater to men type items in my eBay shop. Like the clothing, barware and man cave type stuff. Also vintage bottles, just think of things you would put in a bar.  For example. tumbler glasses, bottle openers, old bottles, old cans. beer steins and beer type advertising, like signage or other wall decor.

Man Cave Items to sell on eBay

10. Tools

Vintage tools are one of my Bread and Butter items. I sell these all the time! Mr B is always on the lookout for those and you can pick these up really cheap and get top dollar for them online. They just don’t make tools like they used to, they don’t make anything like they used to.

Things laying around the house worth money

11. Toys

I do sell my share of toys but I’m really careful about buying them. There is so many recalls on stuff. It can get tricky. I’m always on the lookout for toys from the 80-90s. Those sell very well on eBay.

What I can sell to make money now

12. Collectibles

This is tricky too, what used to be worth money, probably isn’t anymore. Glassware is at the top of the list. You just can’t make any money on old glassware anymore. Unless it’s a very unusual piece, do some research to see if that item is selling first. The market is flooded with the stuff and they younger generation is just not into it. So If you have your old grandmother’s pressed glass collection. Don’t be surprised that it’s not worth much now.

Think of it like this, if it was sold as a collectible, barbies, plates, ty animals, etc. Then the items were mass produced and the market is flooded with the stuff. Also no one wants that type of item anymore. So pass on those items.

Vintage items to sell on eBay

13. Vintage Items

I pick up vintage Items to sell on eBay all the time, you just have to look for the things that people are looking for, like dinner plates, mugs, kitchen gadgets, tools, military plates and forks, old soda bottles the rare ones, etc.

Collectible items to sell on eBay

14. Hatching Chicken Eggs

I had to add this to the list, because we just started selling our hatching chicken eggs a couple of years on eBay. With great success! You’ll want to sell them in the spring of the year. When everyone is wanting to hatch out some rarer chickens for their flock. We got $45 for one dozen golden Sebright  Chicken eggs. Wow! Just be aware that shipping those eggs will make most of the eggs infernal and you will get some bad reviews for newbies who don’t realize this, and it could affect your eBay account. I have since quit selling them, due to the fact of so many bad reviews.

Hatching Eggs to sell on eBay

15. Handmade Items

Handmade items sell on both eBay and Etsy. I believe that selling handmade items sell better on Etsy than they do on eBay. But it really depends on what your making. Doll clothes and handmade dolls sell really well on eBay and often will get bid up.

While other things like table runners and quilts would sell better if just sold as a buy it now. The market is there just do some research before you make a bunch of things.

things to make and sell for profit

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience of selling items from around the house for a bit of extra money, I’ve gathered some insights that could help you too.

What are the best small items I can sell quickly for profit?

I’ve found that jewelry, designer brands, and vintage kitchen gadgets. They’re small, easy to ship, and the demand is usually consistent.

How can I sell my household items for cash efficiently?

I list my items on various eBay with clear, honest descriptions and photos. I keep listing daily, that seems to be the magic trick is to be consistent with listing. The more you list the more you will sell. But if this isn’t something you want to do full time. Then you might just want to have a yard sale and put a few things up for sale on FB marketplace or Craigslist for a quick sale that you won’t have to ship.

Which household items are worth the most when I want to make quick cash?

Electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops tend to fetch the highest prices. Gently used furniture, especially from well-known brands, can also be quite valuable.

What strategies can kids use to earn money by selling things from home?

Kids might consider selling collectibles like trading cards, action figures, or video games. Hosting a yard sale with supervision is also a good strategy for them to earn money.

What are some inexpensive items I can sell that customers would buy quickly?

I’ve noticed that kitchen gadgets, Jewelry, books, and CDs/DVDs, often priced low, sell quickly. Customers perceive these as bargains and they don’t have to consider the purchase as much.

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