Free 52 Week Easy Save Money Challenge Printable

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Let’s Save Some Money!

Are you trying to save money but never seem to get any headway? I’m right there with ya! I use to have a tough time, saving money in the past. And it doesn’t matter how much money I make. It seems to slip right on past my hands.

That’s why I made this Free 52 week easy save money challenge printable so that I can finally start saving money. Ready to join me?


Here we go!

Easiest Way To save $5000 In A Year (Free 52 Week Money Saving Printable)

Free 52 Week Saving Money Planner Printable

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How It Works

It’s really simple, print out the chart, you can use the one I have filled out, or you can print out the blank one and fill in your own, no matter if you want to save $5000 in a year or $1000. It works the same way.

Each week deposit the planned (on the printable) money that you’ve chosen to save in your account and mark it off on the chart. Easy peasy! One thing that works for me is if I overspend on one area of my budget, I make up for it in another area. I might not eat out if I’ve bought something big for myself.

See how it works?

I discovered a secret when I started working on this save money challenge.

What to know what it is? Sure, you do!

I started to find money everywhere. A little here, a little there. It was really starting to add up!

FREE Printable 52 Week Save $5000 Challenge (1)-min


How To Save $5000 This Year

I changed little things around the house, and it’s making a big difference. I’ve been thinking like this…

“How can I save $5 today?”

It’s that simple if I remember to turn off the light when I leave the room. (a big problem for me!) Here are some more ideas to get you started.

  1. Change out the lightbulbs to LED in the house save us $50 a month on our electric bill.
  2.  Turn off all the lights when we leave the room. (Gotta get a handle on this)
  3. Buying building supplies at yard sales and thrift shops. Doors, Nails, Hinges. It has saved us so much on building things around the homestead.
  4.  Hair appointments, no more. I’ve cut and colored my hair forever. ($120 a month savings)
  5. Use your car until it quits, don’t buy new.
  6. Pay with cash only. You get huge savings.
  7. Negotiate those credit cards. That’s how we paid them all off for 1/4 of what was on the card.
  8. Buy designer clothing at thrift shops and yard sales. (I never pay retail for things)
  9. Buy a computer from best buy on a 12 month no interest and pay it off in the 12 months.
  10. Make a grocery list BEFORE you go to the store. Stick with the list. Make a menu and look at the things you already have at home.
  11. Eat out less, don’t buy two drinks when you go out, drink water. Buy one meal and one sandwich.
  12. Never buy retail to decorate your home. Find the best thrift shops and go early to get the deals.
  13. Make my own dog food and yummy treats.
  14. I called Dish network and got my bill down to $65 a month. (Mr. B has to have his TV) 😉
  15. I used Ebates app on my browser to buy from. $50 Check when I bought my computer.
  16. More Side Hustles. Read about these here.

I hope you liked this article, and grab your copy of my Free 52 week easy save money challenge printable today! What are some things you do to save money? Leave a comment below.

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