The Bullet Journal Notebook -Fall To Do List

The Bullet Journal Notebook -Fall To Do List

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The Bullet Journal Notebook -Fall To Do List

How the bullet journal notebook fall to do list can help you get things done more quickly and on task. I’ve always had some sort of to do list, that’s just how I get so much done. Making a simple list of things to get done on the farm is very important and could save your life in an emergency over the winter months. Why not make it more fun with a bullet journal?

There are so many planners out there today, but found most of them to be just too big and bulky to carry around with me. Or just too fancy. I’ve opted to use my bullet journal just for the daily things I want to get done each day. It really keeps me on track and I end up getting way more things done each day because of it.

Leuchtturm The Bullet Journal Notebook That I UseLeuchtturm The Bullet Journal Notebook That I UseLeuchtturm The Bullet Journal Notebook That I Use

Keeps Me From Being Overwhelmed

If I look at pages of things to do each day then I easily get overwhelmed, then just don’t get anything done on the list because I don’t know where to start and it eventually gets buried on my desk, or hubs comes in and needs a piece of paper taking my list with him. To be long forgotten by me.

What I love about a bullet journal is that you can make it your own, create your own planner the way you like it. Everyone has their own way of doing things, your journal will look different than mine. But it helps to get an idea of what one looks like. I have a full pinterest board full of ideas.

Minimalism Art Bullet Journal NotebookMinimalism Art Bullet Journal NotebookMinimalism Art Bullet Journal Notebook

Fall Goals Are Important

It helps to get some main goals you want to get done in the fall, here in Indiana it’s cooler outside and the ticks are gone in the woods, so we like to do building projects and cut wood for the winter months.

So I would start a list of big things to get done on one page, if you start with the big things then you can narrow those down into little projects each week. So on the front of my journal I have an index so I can find things that I write more easily. My pages are number or you can number them yourself. Now your notebook won’t last all year, and that’s ok. That was one of my big hangups.

I write big and bold. But I like the convenience of a smaller journal to keep with me. Mine only last about 3 months, which is great for planning. If you plan something everything three months and look over what you’ve done and where your going. You will be really surprised just how much you can get accomplished.

Bullet Journal Notebook Set, Journal with Pens & Washi TapeBullet Journal Notebook Set, Journal with Pens & Washi TapeBullet Journal Notebook Set, Journal with Pens & Washi Tape


How Pages Are Set Up

On my todo list for the day, I’ll write out my goals for the day with a box in the front of the project, as I get them done then I color in the box. I try not to write more than 5 or 6 things each day. So I don’t overwhelm myself. Then on that same page I’ll write a little note to myself just saying what went on that day. So it’s like a little diary of sorts as well. You’d be surprised how much better you feel if you just write out the stuff that bugs you or the blessings of the day.

I always, always, always, Thank god and be grateful for something each day. I do this first thing when I wake up and before I go to bed each night, plus writing out something in my journal for the day. That is the only thing that helps with stress and depression. Be thankful for where you live, that your breathing, your pet, your family. I’m sure you can think of a few. I’m grateful that I have running water and I don’t have a cistern that runs dry. It’s the little things that make me happy.

Ideas To Put In Your Fall Homestead Notebook

Chickens ready for winter
Crocks or unbreakable water bowls for animals
Enough hay stored away for winter
Firewood cut and stacked
Emergency generator serviced
Homestead winter prepared
Garden weeding finished
Preserving food for winter

That’s just a few of the things on my list to do. I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the list, it’s just to give you some ideas on what to put in the bullet journal notebook and your fall to do list.

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The Bullet Journal Notebook -Fall Homestead To Do List

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