Vision Boards For Kids ~5 Tips on Creating them!

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Let’s Make Some Vision Boards!!

Vision Boards For Kids

Are you ready to get started creating some vision boards with the kids? You might think this is a new idea, but I remember reading about this family that when they needed a new car, the dad found a toy car that looked like the car he wanted to buy.

He had each of the kids hold the car and think of how awesome it would be to take summer trips in the car, then after the whole family had a chance to dream of owning the car. He stuck the car up on a shelf.

Do you know what happened? The family won a car during a festival that Spring and it looked just like that toy car! They all took a family vacation together with the money they were saving for the car! Amazing!

That’s why l love vision boards!  They are like a map to our dreams. Why not teach our kids how to make goals and realize that dreams do come true if you put them on paper?

Ready to get started creating a vision board with the kids? Before you do, it’s worth learning a few clever tips to help with its creation.

5 Tips For Creating Vision Boards With Kids

If you want your child to get the most out of their vision board, it’s important to follow a few simple steps. Here, we’ll look at 5 tips for creating vision boards with kids you’ll want to follow.

  1. Decide whether to create one or more boards

Sometimes, it can help to create more than one vision board for kids. It really depends upon the age of your children and how much previous experience they have with creating vision boards.

If you’re only just starting to introduce the idea of vision boards into their life, starting with just one is the best idea. However, once your child becomes a little more experienced, it’s a good idea to introduce more vision boards into their life.

This is because you can create different vision boards for different areas of your child’s life. One could be used for daily chores, another could be used for seasonal or special occasions, and another board could be used for your child’s dreams.

  1. Help your kids brainstorm ideas

At first, your child may struggle to come up with their own ideas for their vision board. So, they may need a little help brainstorming some ideas.

Sit down together and ask them what their dreams or goals are. Depending upon their age, you may need to give them a few examples to prompt them. Write each of their ideas down, and then once you have a good list put together, you can then work on putting the vision board together.

  1. Make the board as specific as possible

If you want the board to actually work for your child, it’s a good idea to make it as specific as possible. Children don’t tend to have the same level of attention or focus as adults. So, if it’s too general and long-term, they are unlikely to follow it.

Make sure the goals are specific, and you only focus on one thing at a time.

  1. Add bright, attention-grabbing images

We’ve already touched upon this briefly in previous blogs. However, the importance of adding bright, attention-grabbing images cannot be dismissed.

The brighter the images are, the more it’s going to attract your child. Kids love bright things and they tend to be more motivated by something if it grabs their attention.

Let them take the lead in terms of which images they want to include. This is the best way of ensuring the vision board is effective.

  1. Place the board somewhere they can see it daily

Finally, once the vision board has been completed, you’re going to want to stick it somewhere your child can see it. This could be in their bedroom, on the refrigerator, or on the wall in the kitchen. Wherever they spend a lot of their time, place the vision board so they can see it.

You can also bring the vision board down and talk through your child’s progress. If you do this daily, it’s going to help keep them focused on the steps they need to take to reach their dreams and goals.

Vision Boards For Kids Art

Overall, vision boards can be great for kids. They deliver so many unique benefits, as well as teaching them life-long vision board skills. If they master it in early childhood, they’ll be able to create effective vision boards when they grow up. The above are just some of the top tips you can follow to ensure you create the best vision board for your child.

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Vision Boards For Kids

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