Garden Tool Set For Homesteading Women

9 Piece Garden Tool Set For Homesteading Women I found this awesome Garden Tool Set For Homesteading Women the other day. I was looking for some gifts that my readers would really like and ran across this set. Everyone that reviewed this said they loved how nicely made everything is and even sent in pictures […]

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10 Mistakes Made with goats

10 Mistakes I Made With My Goats

These are just some of the mistakes I made when I purchased my first couple of goats. This is my journey and I do have some tips to help people who are on the fence about getting a couple. Yes, you have to buy more than one, they are herd animals, they need a friend […]

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Angora Rabbits My New Obsession

Angora Rabbits My New Obsession!

I admit I have a problem. It’s Angora Rabbits! Over the winter me and hubs decided we would add some more animals to our little homestead. He wants the small chickens like he used to have and show when he was a kid. I on the other hand want to get an animal that I […]

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Healing Gallbladder Problems Naturally

Healing Gallbladder Problems Naturally -I Saved Myself $20,000!

Healing Gallbladder Problems Naturally Yes I did, I saved myself at least $20,000 in medical bills!  Disclosure: I am not a doctor and nor do I pretend to be. I can’t promise you that this will work for you but it did for me. You might want to consult a doctor for any severe health […]

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How To Prepare For Winter Weather On The Homestead

Winter Storm Preparation Is it Spring yet? If your like me your pretty tired of winter weather and some years here in Indiana it can be brutal. This year has been what I would call a semi bad winter even though when we got snow it didn’t stay more than a week or two.  I […]

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