When is the best time to Harvest Your Garden Vegetables? If you don’t have grandma around to tell you when to do it. I’ll give you some tips!

I love my garden! Tomatoes ripe on  the vine, a row of fresh green beans and my all time favorite is summer squash! Hubs makes a mean squash pie! Even if you only have one tomato plant in your backyard, you can still enjoy the fruits of your labor of having your own fresh veggies to eat in the summer months.


  • Harvest Often
  • Harvest Some Veggies When They Are On The Small Size
  • Use The Proper Tools When Harvesting

WHEN TO HARVEST GARDEN VEGETABLESGrowing your own vegetables is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have, not only will it provide you with life giving food, but you will be getting vitamins and minerals that most of the produce you buy in the supermarket don’t have anymore. With over production of the fields and the chemicals they now use on the plants, it’s no wonder many of Americans’ are sick.


So when do you harvest your vegetables? Often! Bigger isn’t always the best when it comes to eating your vegetables, take for example squash, if you let it grow big, then it will become full of seeds and taste terrible. If we miss one in the patch, it will go to the chickens and they love it!

Certain vegetables are at a delicate perfection of flavor and texture if harvested while still young and little. And this is a treat reserved almost entirely for the home gardeners. While it’s not a good idea to eat most of the garden in its infancy, we do think that an appreciation of those vegetables that offer a taste bonus when very young is worthwhile in our store of garden enjoyment.

Another benefit to start harvesting some crops early in order to avoid too many vegetables ready at the same time at the peak of harvest, that way you won’t throw out uneaten vegetables.



Here are some vegetables that make great candidates for juvenile harvesting. Keep in mind they must come from healthy, vigorous plants.

Artichokes, Beets, Snap Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Squash, Carrots, Egg Plant, Lettuce, Peas, and Potatoes.

Armed with this new knowledge of when to harvest Your Garden Vegetables, you will be successful in providing your family with the most delicious vegetables possible and I’m sure your neighbors will be impressed as well.

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Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out how to harvest vegetables from your garden. You’ll want to have the proper tools when you harvest to avoid any damage to the plant, so it will keep producing. A sharp knife, garden fork and pruning scissors are my favorites.

How To Harvest Carrots

I love growing carrots in my bathtubs and we harvest them when everything else in the garden is about done. We’ll dig out a few, the tops usually pull of so it helps if you use a garden fork to get them out of the dirt without damaging them. Take a taste if they are sweet and snap, then they are ready to eat. Usually about 1/4″ to 1  inch in diameter or larger.

How To Harvest Green Beans

I had a great crop of green beans this year. When I noticed that the pods were still young and not fully grown. I would pick those, the first batch wasn’t but a bowl full. Then I waited a couple weeks and picked all that was ready again. I did this several times over the summer. It’s best to pick these on a nice sunny day after the dew is dry, to avoid any disease from spreading.

How To Harvest Tomatoes To Eat During The Holidays

Pick a few tomatoes when they are green at the end of the growing season. Put them in a paper sack and store them out in your garage or cool dark, dry place. When you want to eat fresh tomatoes for dinner, bring in a few at a time and let ripen on the kitchen counter of window sill. Thrill your family with fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving this year!

 When is the best time to harvest your garden vegetables-