Old Bathroom Garden Ideas

Old Bathtub Garden Ideas – Unique Garden Planter Ideas

Old Bathtub Garden Ideas -I was looking for an easy way to make a garden, one that I could easily take care of and weed. We had an old bathtub that was used as target practice in the backfield of the farm. Perfect! Welcome to Homesteading For Women – we hope you enjoy all our […]

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When is the best time to Harvest Your Garden Vegetables? If you don’t have grandma around to tell you when to do it. I’ll give you some tips! I love my garden! Tomatoes ripe on  the vine, a row of fresh green beans and my all time favorite is summer squash! Hubs makes a mean […]

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Fairy Garden ideas

7 Awesome Fairy Garden Ideas -Super Summer Fun With The Kids

Let’s Make a Fairy Garden! What a fun summer project to do with the kids this summer? How about setting up a Fairy Garden! I’ve got some great fairy garden ideas for you. Let your creative juices flow, and  I love gnomes! Fairy gardens are so fun to make, and I’ve got so many ideas! […]

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Grow your own salad kit Indoors

Grow Your Own Salad Kit -Super Fun For The Kids!

Thinking of having a home garden this year? Wouldn’t if be fun if you grew your own salad? And wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a Grow Your Own Salad Kit?! Guess what they have one you can buy! I found this one that looked really great for any beginner to start with. […]

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Container Herb Gardening For Beginners tips

Container Herb Gardening For Beginners

You Can Grow Herbs No Matter Where You Live! You don’t have to have a homestead to grow herbs. That’s what I love about growing herbs! You can grow them anywhere. Container Herb Gardening is perfect for beginners! Herbs are easy to grow and the perfect stress reliever too! Get The Best Value Cedar Container […]

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What to do with herbs-

What The Heck Do You Do With Herbs ~Once You Grow Them?

 When To Harvest Herbs and What To do with them Ok, your going to grow your first herb garden this year. You have a few questions first.  When to harvest herbs? and What the heck to do with them once they are grown? I  had the same questions and I still don’t take full advantage […]

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