Epsom Salt For Plants -Gardening Myths To Avoid

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What’s the big deal? I’m seeing garden tips all over the place telling me how Great epsom salt is for plants. But is is really? Can you believe everything you read. NOPE! I hate to break it to you but it can actually do more harm than good. Don’t use epsom salt on plants until you read this post.

Epsom Salt For Plants -Gardening Myths To Avoid

Works Great On Me But What About My Plants?

I got interested in epsom salt a couple years ago, I mean really interested when I had my gallbladder problem. Until then I always had a very old box of epsom salt in the closet. Not really sure why I bought it. Oh yeah, I  was making epsom salt bath crystals for gifts one Christmas that one must be left over from that.

I thought well it worked for my health, maybe it will be good for the garden too. Wrong-o! Turns out it’s really not a good idea to just go willy nilly adding things to your soil, especially when you’ve not tested the soil first.

Are Epsom Salts Bad For Plants?

Epsom salt can actually make things worse that they already are. Now I’m not a expert on this, I’m just sharing what I’ve read from several places and I’ll share with you links to University’s that study these things and that’s what they said.

Some people  might have good luck using Epsom on their garden, while others  won’t.  You see everyones soil is different, it depends on so many things that it’s really not a good idea to take advice from gardeners that live in different areas than where you live.

You  really need to do the research for yourself and your own environment. I know for sure that even though it’s good for you and it works  the first time. Doesn’t mean it will work for your neighbor or that you should be over doing that good thing.

Just  Read What The Experts Say About Using Epsom Salt On Plants In The Garden

From the University of Saskatchewan gardening research. They say that Epsom salt should not be used in a small garden for tomatoes. That our soil is almost never lacking in magnesium sulfite, that’s what Epsom salt is made of. They say that some commercial farmers might add magnesium to the soil but we shouldn’t.  Commercial farmers over use the soil. Not letting it rest and all the nutrients are depleted in the soil, that’s  why we aren’t getting any  benefits from eating things produced commercially anymore.  But  that’s another rant for another time.

From a horticulture Professor from Washington State University, she’s written a downloadable article for you to read and print out for your garden journal on the myths of using Epsom salt on your  garden. She’s really did a great job explaining it way  better than me.

Northern Dakota State University yard and garden report on The Epsom Salt Myth.  They debunk the whole thing that Epsom salt doesn’t fix end rot in tomatoes but they do give you some great tips on the real reason for end rot and how you might remedy the problem.

I hope this has given you some insight on some of the myths going around on using Epsom salt on plants in your garden. I think I’ll just stick with using it on myself instead and cleaning. It really helped hubby with his foot pain. I just added a cup of Epsom salt to a tub of hot water and let him soak his feet each night for 45 minutes. It really helped.

Epsom Salt For Plants -Gardening Myths To Avoid Now


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