10 Mistakes I Made With My Goats

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I really loved my Goats, I think that was the Problem! Hubs is really great about getting me the animals that I want. I’ve had horses TWICE! So that tells you something. lol! We’ve lived out in the country most of our 35 year marriage and me living in town growing up, I didn’t get the dreamy horse that I always wanted…until later. But that is a story for 10 Mistakes I made with my goatsanother time. This is about the goats and of course hubs was just fine with me getting a few. We already had a nice fenced in area in the back of our house that was had plenty of shade and speckled with cedar tree’s. We heard that goats don’t really like cedar trees and we could always cage the trees if they started eating them.


To me I think of goats as unruly kids, you give them a mile and they take 10 miles. Neither of us had goats before so we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves in for. I joined a facebook group about goats in our area and posted that I was looking for a baby goat, one that didn’t need bottle fed.

I wasn’t that stupid to saddle myself with a big baby goat that I had no idea how to take care of. I raised dogs, but nothing the size of a goat.

Not long after I posted the notice did a nice lady that lived close contacted me that she had a Momma and baby that she would sell and some hay too, Bonus! We could get everything we needed all in one stop! I was so excited and they were kinda tame although I couldn’t get near the baby for weeks. That was disappointing right from the start.

All was fine, we just had a Couple Dog Houses for them to sleep in and later on build them a bigger place to stay but they didn’t like it. lol! After all that work making them a nice shed that was off the ground, they slept in the old dog house and under the new shed. Go figure!

10 Mistakes Made with goats

Here we go, let’s dive into the 10 Mistakes I made with my Goats!

1. Spoiled Them, I just loved them too much and they soon learned that as soon as I walked out the back door, I was going to go to their pen and give them food. That was fine for a while but then when I didn’t come to the cage they just stood and screamed at me… all day long. (sigh)

2.Give them What Kind of Mineral? That always confused me.

3.Brought home a 6 week old Baby and put him in the same cage with my Momma goat and her baby. NOPE! She tried to kill him. The little guy had to stay in a dog kennel all night until the next morning when we added fencing in the pouring rain, fun times!

4.No proper place to store enough hay to feed the goats over the winter. Ended up buying hay from the feed store in town and then late in the winter the hay was moldy from rain, so we had to track down some hay from far away. No one bales square bales anymore around us as they can’t get any help bringing in the hay from the field, they all do round bales that they bale by themselves.  We didn’t need nor want a big round bale of hay. Those suckers are big!

5.Didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to cut trim the hoofs, but if you do get these, they work Great!

Zenport Q91 Zen-Magic Ultra Twig and Hoof Trimming Shear Twin-Blade, 7.5-Inch LongZenport Q91 Zen-Magic Ultra Twig and Hoof Trimming Shear Twin-Blade, 7.5-Inch Long6Didn’t really know when to worm them and was getting mixed messages from everyone we asked. Some said do it, some said don’t unless the vet said to give      them some. “Check their eyes” someone said, really they look fine to me, we didn’t give them any wormer that year we had the goats.6. They get to be so spoiled that they screamed bloody murder every time we walked outside the door. Hubs was always telling me that I forgot to feed the goats.    But I never forgot, he would go feed them again and they got bound up from all the sweet feed. That was majorly stressing me out, having hubs hound me and the goats screaming at me every second they set eyes on me.

6.We wasted a bunch of our hard to find hay, if it falls on the ground the goats won’t eat it. Until we bought THIS!

7. We put the goats in a lot with mature cedar trees, great shaded place that we used to have a couple old dogs. The fence was great and we thought they would      love it. Oh they did and they stripped all the trees of their bark, we lost many trees before we sold the goats.

8. Not knowing when or how to worm them, “Look at the eyes” one person said, I couldn’t tell so I didn’t worm them.

9. Hubs asking me every day if I fed the goats, when I just got back from doing just that, but when he goes out and hears them screaming, he goes up and feeds them too and they end up getting bound up from over feeding and fat.

10. Not understanding that goats don’t share and my little baby wasn’t getting enough food, unless I stood over him until he was finished eating.


If you’re thinking about getting goats, make sure you re-read all my mistakes so you won’t make those and remember just how destructive those animals are, I’ve seen one eat a tin can before. And if your marriage is getting stressy over the animals then maybe it’s time to part ways. With the animal of course. (snicker) Hubs would walk up to the cage each day and just shake his head looking at all our fine cedar trees being destroyed.

That’s when I put on my big girl pants and put the ad on facebook to sell them all. Luck would have it, that they guy that bought them from me also bought all the goats that I bought my first Momma and baby from. So they would go back to live with some of the old goats that Momma grew up with and they were going on a farm close to where we lived. I had them off the farm in 2 days.

WARNING! Selling your Goats on Facebook -a couple of the people that called just wanted to buy them to sell to the feedlot. Oh that makes me sad everytime I think about it.  But I saved my sanity and hubby is happy again, thank goodness and hopefully the goats are happy as can be.

Happy Goat hunting or not,


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2 comments for “10 Mistakes I Made With My Goats

  1. Dianna
    July 22, 2017 at 11:51 am

    We just got our first pair of pygmy/nigerian goats, a male and female- and we’ve never had them. the learning curve is a bit rough! So many questions all the time about worming? what? feeding? not too much, but not too little- gee that’s…ambiguous. what kind of hay? what kind of feed? why are they so noisy? Are they happy? vaccines? I’m supposed to do that- a few times a year I’ve been told. Trimming hooves- I’ve done that once before, so I think I can sort it out. I’ve researched a ton, but honestly, every site contradicts the last one, so I’ve compiled a general list of basic concepts and just watch for any unusual signs. The primary goal is to keep them happy and alive- and it seems there are about a million opinions about how to do that. I do have a great track record with keeping all living things alive and healthy and happy- human kids, dogs, cats, chickens, a pig we acquired accidentally with no clue what to do with her, lol- so I guess I’m winging goats now. So far so good. I am hoping they will make a little one- so for now our buck is au’ natural- but I’m a bit intimidated by all the info regarding pregnancy and care of the female while she’s carrying, so we’ll see. Right now, we’re sort of ‘adventuring’ in homesteading- trying out different animals and things to see what is a fit and what isn’t. it’s a great learning experience for us and the kids and we try to be conscientious and cautious and well researched before we start down a path. But sometimes something just doesn’t work- for me it was ducks, I hated them- so we traded them to a friend with a farm for fertile chicken eggs which we hatch in our incubator. It all sort of works out eventually.

    • Michelle
      July 22, 2017 at 12:02 pm

      Hey Dianna,
      You made me laugh! I was the same way and every morning those goats would start blabbing and not stop all day. I would run up there and feed them and when Hubs got up he would run up there and feed them sweet feed. Lol! No wonder they wouldn’t be quiet. Everyday…”did you feed those goats today?”…”YES!”…”Well I feed them too.” We had some nice fat goats in the end. I found a goat group on facebook that really helped and the hoofs you trim after it’s been raining for a while. Makes them softer to cut. Old wise lady told me that one. You’ll be fine if you didn’t kill off your kids. You’ve got this! Lol!
      Michelle 🙂

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