Top Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Homestead

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I’m sure your wondering why to start a blog if your homesteading. Well the answer is simple. To make money online with your homestead. And it’s not just some random get rich trick either. It’s to actually get your talent out in front of millions of eyes that are on the internet. (And make money of course!)

Top reasons why you should start a blog homesteader

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Almost everyone has a smart phone and do shopping online. E-commerce has risen so much over the years and it’s projected to rise to 15% in 2022, that’s almost $900 Billion dollars, yes, that’s a B for BILLION!

Don’t you want a little piece of that pie? I do!

Top Reasons to start a blog

Top Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

For the homesteader that wants to stay on the farm and make money with it, then blogging would be a good choice as a source of income. I don’t mean that you need to start a blog about random things. It needs to be something that you LOVE doing. Probably something that you are already doing and making money at already.

Maybe you raise goats and are pretty darn good at it, you make goat soap and sell it at the farmers market. Why would you not want to sell that wonderful smelling soap to the whole world and share how you take care of your cute goats at the  same time? You can sell your soap and ebooks. See how it works?!

During the winter months farming stuff slows down and  money might get scarce if your depending on your gardening skills to make you money with truck farming or selling chicken eggs. I have a running list of ways you can make money with your homestead if your interested in getting some more ideas.

I learned things the hard way, you should always have at least two income streams if you’re self-employed. When my crickets went down, we had no other income. Thank Goodness for eBay or I wouldn’t have a house to live in right now.

Ok, but what’s that got to do with starting a blog? Good question!

The reason for staring a blog would be for your business and it doesn’t matter really what business you’re into, you should have a presence online. Even if it’s one page with your contact information. Get your name out there! Because if you don’t someone else will.

This really got me thinking when I was researching things to sell at craft shows. Hubby is thinking about doing some shows next year with his fossils that he’s finding around the farm. We used to make a lot of money doing shows each month with the bugs and it might be some additional income for us now. He is also going to start a website, or I’m going to start a website for him.

Anyway, I was on a stinking Faceboo and one girl that handknits hats wanted to start a shop online, but she didn’t want to go on etsy. Someone chimed in and said she had done really well with her website selling her handmade items. Everyone in that group wanted to learn how they too could start their own blog.

That got me thinking about my homestead readers.

Every one of you gals have some kind of talent, even if you don’t think so. We are all different and we each have things we just love to do, while others just dream about doing those things that you do so easily.

Like the lady making hats and selling them at craft shows and on the web. She is not only going out and selling at the shows, but she also has a presence online where she can share her handmade items to the whole world! That’s just Awesome!

Here’s My Top Reasons To Start A Blog

  • To make extra money for your homestead
  • To promote you brick and mortar store
  • To provide a service (like teaching others how to do something, cleaning houses, etc.)
  • To sell an item you made (rather than an etsy store)
  • To sell vintage or used items (I do this)
  • To teach something that you love doing
  • To make money promoting other people’s stuff (affiliate marketing)
  • To make a printables shop (I just started one of these)
  • To record your life on your homestead to inspire other people

I’m sure there’s more reasons but these are all I can think of right now. For a homesteader, you have many things you can either make or provide to sell online. Be it a product or service. Having a blog is like building up a little ATM that just keeps giving you money each month. It’s really, really wonderful.

Now it takes work, this won’t just happen because you wish it would. (I tried that and well it doesn’t work, darnit!)

If you think you might like to start a blog then I have a free 7 day e-course that will help you get started with your new life right now!

Top reasons to start a blog for your homestead

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