starting a small homestead

Starting A Small Homestead

Small Homesteading

 Location, Location, Location.

Location is important part of the equation when you’re thinking about Starting a Small Homestead. We’ve lived all over the place. From a 2-room rental house in the city, to a 100-acre farm way out in the boonies, here in Indiana.

We actually started our cricket farm in the 2-room rental in the city. That soon had us rushing to get out of there as our bugs were getting into the neighbors yard. Lol! I know for a fact that getting chickens would have been out of the question in that location. When you do get a bunch of land you need to think about all the work that is involved. Cutting the grass is a BIG thing and will take the most of your time if you live in the Midwest like we do and in the summer you have to mow every week.

Farm Animal Care

Really think about the animals you want to get, horses, cows, goats, chickens or rabbits to name a few. One of my biggest and most costly mistakes was getting horses. When I had no idea how much fencing would cost. That was a mistake and the fence we had on the 100 acres was old and the horses were at the neighbors more than they were at my place. Yah! Budget for fencing cost, feed and shelter for them before you purchase any animals.


Before you buy any property and if you plan on having a garden. Make sure you have adequate sun for your garden. One of our homes was in the woods on 2 acres. We did manage to get a little garden going where they cleaned out the power line to our property. It didn’t get sun all day but it was enough for a super small garden.

Animal Fencing

As I talked about earlier about my horse fiasco, my fencing sucked! I really should have rebuilt the fence first. If an automobile hits one of your animals on the road. You are liable. So check the fence BEFORE you get the horse or cow or whatever. Neighbors are friendly for a while if your animal keeps getting out and ending up in their yard, but when one of your horses does damage to their veggie garden then you might be in some hot water. It might be ok for you to not know your neighbors in the city, but out in the country, life is different and your life might be in your neighbor’s hands one day. Just keep the peace with them. Please. Or better yet just get some chickens. Super easy and fun!

Here’s a Free Small Homestead checklist for you to  Download HERE!  Good luck on your new adventure!

Happy Homesteading!



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starting a small homestead

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    • Pat lemker
    • March 25, 2017

    LOVE your blog! We ACTUALLY have been thinking about going more “country” than where we now live so it looks like you have a lot of words of wisdom we can use!

    Thanks again for all you do to help others!

      • Michelle
      • March 25, 2017

      Hey Pat!
      Yah! So glad you found me! Awesome I love all things country! I’m getting more baby chicks in a couple weeks, can’t wait!
      Thanks for stopping by,
      Michelle 🙂

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