Happy 1st Blog Birthday To Me! Looking Back Over Last Year

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Happy 1st Blog BIrthday

I can’t really believe it’s been a year already! I had dreams of starting this blog the year before and even bought the domain Homesteadingforwomen.com. But I didn’t do anything with it. Then last year we were really getting outside and doing things on the homestead and hubs kept saying, “You should put that on your blog!” So I did it, I got off my butt and started writing things down on the web.

My life, My Story!

The most important part is that it’s just for us girls! Sorry guys! No Boys Allowed  in this Club!

I wanted this blog to be about the things us gals do on the farm. Which is A LOT! The only thing I’ve not had the courage to do is…

Learn How To Shoot A GunOn my list for this year!

Work The ChainsawNope I’ll cut my leg off, I’ll hire it done if it comes to that. Yeah Right! I would get on the internet, figure out how to mix up the gas that I see hubs doing and cut the dang log myself. If I had no other choice that is and needed wood to survive. Otherwise, hire someone to do it. 🙂 Sound familiar girls?

2017 Year In Review The Highs and The Lows

Here are my Highs and Lows from last year.


We got chickens again! I really missed getting eggs everyday and the old gals were over 10. I can’t even believe we had that many to live that long! Wow and 10 of them too. Now they have dwindle off over the year, but I think I still have 5 of them. How old do chickens get anyway?

We also got a few really nice chickens, hubs wants to get some of his show chickens again like he had in 4-H and we picked up a few in the fall.


Cages really weren’t ready. We did get all 20 of the silkies in the old cage with the old chickens, but we bought 4 from the amish and they were all these massively big silkie roosters that crow all the friggin time, every time I go outside, no matter if it’s 3 am, or 10pm they crow. I was going to butcher one, but found out they have black skin. Yuck. But I might just see if all of the meat is black. No matter what those guys have to go and soon.


Our Container Gardens were AWESOME! We had carrots all year and into winter.


I hate carrots! LOL! The big garden, hubs decided to plant sunflowers around the edge, which shaded out all my tomatoes, squash and peppers. Plus the rabbits ate my green beans off everyday at the ground. I didn’t get one green bean.


I wanted the front of the house to look nice and not look like a bunch of gypsys live here. Hubs outdid himself on that end. He is a much better gardener than me. And the flowers out front of the house looked Amazing!


All that hard work required a water bill of over $50 a month, normally around $30 so it really wasn’t worth it, but it sure was pretty.


Big expectations on making some extra month last year, besides ebay.


We totally failed at this, and hubs went chasing a dream of making money with his wooden quilt blocks to hang on outside and spent most of the summer making them only when the show came he sold, how many? Oh yea! NOT MANY, mostly to our family. Then he found out that someone that lives close to us has been making then since the 80’s.  He thought he was starting a new trend. NOPE! I know he was disappointed but he had to learn on his own, and I have a bunch of quilt blocks that I can hang on the chicken cages. 🙂 All that time wasted, and he didn’t help much on ebay so the sales TANKED. Plus we didn’t go to the yard sales because all the money was being tied up to his craft project. Live an learn. I did that the year before and made up all kinds of sewing related things for that same show. I sold a big fat “0”.  I learned my lesson, you can’t make a bunch of money selling things you make.

The best thing about Homesteading is that you can always try again “Next Year” and we are wiser this year and have better plans in place, this next year is going to be Awesome!


It is utterly amazing that I’ve been so blessed to have such awesomely wonderful readers! I’m so lucky and you guys say really nice things to me with comments and replies to my emails. Reaching out on Facebook and sharing stories with me, my Homestead for Women Tribe you’ve been active too. It just warms my heart to have found so many like minded gals to chat with. It makes me so happy that someone is actually reading my blog and liking it too!

You’ve helped me learn things, and it seems that I’ll be getting ducks this year as well.  Thanks to you enablers! LOL!

This past year has been amazing and thank you so much for reading and participating and making me laugh! You gals are the BEST!

I love you, fellow Homesteader Women! You make my heart sing!


Michelle 🙂

Happy 1 Year blog Birthday!

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