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How to repel ticks naturally on your homestead that really works-min

How To Repel Ticks Naturally On Your Homestead -That REALLY Works!

The only bummer about summer is the ticks if you live out in the country. I’ve fought them for many years and years, with little progress. Until this year! Praise God and hallelujah! If you want to learn how to repel ticks naturally on your homestead, then read on my friend. This stuff REALLY Works […]

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How to start a homestead

How to Start a Homestead ~12 Profound Benefits of living on a Homestead

So you’re wondering how to start a homestead, did you know there are several benefits of living on a homestead that you might not have thought about? Here’s a list of 12 that I thought of off the top of my head. Homestead, homesteading can mean different things to different people. Some might think that […]

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Homestead binder printable

Homestead Binder Printable

Are you a first-time homesteader or a wannabe homesteader? There are many things to consider before taking the plunge and buying land for the first time. That’s why I created my Homestead Binder Printable. So you could print off this and add the pages to a binder. This gives you the basics of what you […]

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Best Egg Incubator For Backyard Chickens

Best Egg Incubator For Backyard Chickens

Are you looking for the best egg incubator backyard chickens enthusiast can use? We aren’t looking for anything special, and we just want to hatch our own chicken eggs. Ideally, it will be cheap and simple to use. Just for those rarer chicken breeds, we want to add to our stock. Am I right? Of […]

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7 Tips for Growing Tomatoes In Containers Pin

7 Tips for Growing Tomatoes In Containers

Let’s Grow Some Tomatoes! If you never had vine-ripened tomatoes right from the plant before, then you are missing out on something truly AMAZING! You can learn to grow your own tomatoes right on your patio with these 7 Tips for growing tomatoes in containers! You may have noticed that the tomatoes you buy at […]

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Food Preservation Canning Methods For Newbies

Food Preservation Canning Methods, Grandma Style!

Food Preservation, Canning Like Grandma! I know many of you want to learn how to preserve your own food. The best way to do that is to put them in glass jars, just like my grandma used to do. Today I’ll show you some different food preservation canning methods that many people still use across […]

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Free Daily Cleaning Checklist

Free Daily Cleaning Checklist PDF

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be a big headache, especially if you follow a simple daily cleaning checklist and for your cleaning tasks. I have a small home and it doesn’t take much before it looks like a total mess. I created a daily cleaning checklist pdf printable for you to download. I’ve also […]

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Vision Boards For Kids

Vision Boards For Kids ~5 Tips on Creating them!

Let’s Make Some Vision Boards!! Are you ready to get started creating some vision boards with the kids? You might think this is a new idea, but I remember reading about this family that when they needed a new car, the dad found a toy car that looked like the car he wanted to buy. […]

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Urban Homestead Free Management Printables-min

Free Urban Homestead Management Printables ~Egg Collection Tracker

Are you looking for some free urban homestead management printables? I know my homestead can get hectic at times and I forget to keep track of things that are important, like what I planted last year or how many eggs am I getting each day. Keeping track of those things will help you improve your […]

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Spring Self Care Ideas To Reduce Stress Featured

Spring Self Care Ideas To Reduce Stress

The joy of spring, we all look forward to things blooming and warmer weather. But there’s usually some stressors from winter that might be tugging at your mind. Like holiday debts, taxes and things that need fixing around the farm.  All this might start to weigh heavy on your mind. We all deserve to be […]

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