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Here at Homesteading for Women, I decided to give you a look at all the things I’ve done to make money over the years and some new ideas as well. Besides I need some money for a new Heater/Air Conditioner and a New Roof! So I’m doing more to make money as well as write about it. I’ll be posting about everything from my beloved cricket farming to working at home blogging and even selling your old stuff on eBay.

This is a work in progress as I publish new blog posts in this series, I’ll be adding the link here too so you can find all the goodness in one place. Good luck in all your ventures!

This is My Ongoing 100 Plus Ways to Make Extra Money Click On The Links Below.

1. 10 Things You Can Sell To Make Extra Money100+ Ways to make extra money

2. Sell Your Junk On Ebay.

3. Raise Veggies and sell at Farmers Market

4. Raise meat Rabbits, Goats, Chickens To Sell

5. Sell Chicken Eggs.

6. Craft shows, if you’re crafty this could be a great way to make extra money.

7.Build a blog and make money on your website..

8. Sell handmade items on Etsy.

9. Make handmade soap and sell at Farmers Market

10. Raise flowers to sell.

11. Raise Sheep and sell the wool, also make handmade items with the yarn.

12. Take the wool to a mill and get it made into yarn to sell online and shows.

13. Raise crickets, mealworms to sell. ( I’ve done this for over 30 years) Contact me if your interested in that.

15. Sewing Alteration, this would be great if you know how to sew.

16. Make healthy lunches and start a food truck in your area, deliver to local business.

17. Help Local businesses build a social presence online and charge for it.

18. Make sun catchers and sell them at the farmers market.

19. Build cabins and rent them out to hunters.

20. Raise chickens and guineas, sell the chicks all year long.

21. Start A Fish Farm.

22. Start a small bait shop.

23. Cut Firewood, sell to campgrounds and people who have wood stoves.

24. Start a Haul off Junk business. Then have places that you can sell some of the stuff you get, ebay, thrift mall and such.

25. Buy a run down house, fix it up for rental property.

Start Selling On Ebay!

I do this full time, learn from someone who has the inside scoop on how to make money fast! (I did this one year) Might open it up again this summer.

5 Day Challenge Selling on Ebay

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Start a Blog

Creating A Blog that your readers will love

Do You Want to Start a Blog? I know some bloggers that make a staggering amount of money each year on their blogs it can be quite lucrative home business to supplement your homestead income. I’ve had numerous blogs over the years, mostly just for my hobbies or helping my son when we homeschooled. I can set up a blog in about 10 minutes flat! 🙂

I’ve had lots of practice. Starting a blog is super easy!

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