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Most of the time, preppers are thought of as men in major news outlets and online forums. But there are a lot of women who are getting ready for a natural or man-made disaster by becoming survival preppers. Here are a few survival tips for women things that preppers forget.

Survival Tips For Women Here Are A Few Things That Preppers Forget

Survival Tips For Women >Here Are A Few Things That Preppers Forget

Many women do most of the shopping for groceries, first-aid supplies, comfort items, clothing, and other things for the home. In fact, women have started getting together in different places so they can talk about survival issues that are more relevant to them.

For example, there aren’t enough menstrual supplies on the market, and baby formula is almost impossible to find. And if SHTF, you might have to give birth at home, so people need to be ready for every possible situation a woman might face.

No matter if you’re a mom, a wife, or a single woman preparing for a survival situation on your own, it’s smart to stay informed and ready for anything that could change your life.

Major survival events aren’t the only thing women need to prepare for. Many women stay in abusive relationships because they can’t afford to leave, so it’s important for them to be able to take care of themselves.

Survival Things Preppers Forget For Women

As a woman or a mother with daughters, you need to plan for things that men may not have thought about when they made their survival plans. At the moment, there are problems in this area.

First of all, baby formula is missing from the shelves of about 40% of grocery stores across the country. So, if you have a baby who needs formula or are thinking about having a baby in the future, you might want to look for alternatives and stock up on supplies as soon as you can find them.

You might just shrug your shoulders and think you’ll breastfeed instead of using a bottle, but things don’t always go as planned, and you might have to use formula. You want to be ready for anything that could happen.

We are also seeing a lack of products for women who have their periods. For some reason, tampons have been hard to find in many states. When you do find them, you should buy as many as you can so that all the women in your family can use them for a year.

You can also look for alternatives that can be washed and used over and over again, like a menstrual cup, which is used like a tampon but is made of silicone, latex, or rubber.

This might be a good thing to have on hand for long-term survival situations, like when tampons and maxi pads are no longer made or there aren’t enough to go around. They don’t cost much money and can be a good backup.

Another thing you need to plan for is giving birth. You never know if you or someone you care about will get pregnant during a major survival event where you can’t just go to the hospital to give birth.

You will need things like sheets and towels, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, bowls, plastic trash bags, pads, pain relievers, scissors, and anything else you think you might need. Make sure to print out and laminate the instructions.

Also, don’t forget to have things like diapers, baby onesies, baby blankets, and so on hand. You should also make sure you and your daughters have a lot of birth control, even if they are still young. They may need it in the future.

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You Must Have An Emergency Fund If You Want To Simply Survive

When the world is falling apart around you, it’s important to have enough money to get through anything. Some women are stuck in relationships where the other person is the breadwinner or takes care of the money.

If the relationship ends, they won’t be able to take care of themselves. You would need money to pay your first and last month’s rent or mortgage payment, your debts, your car payment, buy necessities, and more.

Many women don’t have enough money saved up for an emergency. You need at least three months’ worth of money saved up in case something bad happens, like a pandemic that shuts down your workplace or a natural disaster.

Don’t forget that there are many situations in which you might need cash. For example, if a tornado hits your town and knocks out the power grid, you might not be able to pay for gas and groceries with your credit or debit card.

Ideally, you’ll have enough money to last a year, but you can start with a goal for three months and add to it as you go. Take money out of the bank in case ATMs aren’t working, and put it in a few different places around your house.

So, if someone breaks into your home and finds one stash of money, they won’t get all of it, and you’ll still have enough money to cover your needs. There are times when you might want to invest in gold or silver as well as cash.

Stock Up On Hard To Find Items You Can Barter With

In a major survival situation, you might also want to have other things on hand that you can use as payment or to barter. If something big happens in the economy or the world, cash may be useless. Think of what else you can use to trade for goods or services.

For example, it may be hard to find high-end comfort items. You might need to use something other than money to buy what you need or want. This could be anything from chocolate to rice, fire-starting tools to bullets.

Make sure you put your money in something that won’t get wet. If you live in a place where floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes happen often, you’ll need to keep your cash from getting wet.

Even if you have to bug out, you will need a waterproof container in case it rains, you have to cross a river or stream, or something else happens that could ruin your money.

I hope this article on survival tips for women, helps you get a clear picture of other things you need to think about in case of a disaster. It’s never too late to start prepping now.

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