House Smells Like Dog When It’s Humid -Here’s My Solution

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House Smells Like Dog When It's Humid-min

I’m embarrassed to say this, but my house smells like dog when it’s humid. I have old dogs and they have ruined the carpet in the living room. We need to replace it but it’ll just get stinky again.

I’m on a search to make my house smell less stinky especially when it’s humid outside. I found some great products that will help make my house smell good again and still be safe for my dogs.

How To Make Your Home Smell Fresh and Good, When Your House Smells Like Dog When It’s Humid

If you’re like me and want your house to smell like a spa instead of a wet dog, then this is the diffuser you want to get.

Be forwarded this stuff isn’t cheap, but if you really want to impress your friends then go ahead and splurge.

I just have these around the house, the main problem area is in the living room. I’m amazed at how nice the house smells now. I get complements now when I have company over. They all want to know why my house smells so nice and fresh. Awesome!

House Smells Like Dog When It's Humid-How to remove bad smells from your house-min

How To remove bad smells from your house

I use this diffuser.  But I really needed to get to the root of the problem I knew I need to do some deep cleaning. Only it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, after  I started using these items in my house  and it smells like a spa now, instead of wet dog.

I started with getting the carpet really clean in the living room, of course the carpet is GREEN. No wonder the dogs think it’s a bathroom. So I use my Carpet Clean Wet Vac once a month. For a deep carpet clean.

I use turn this on daily. The Air Filter Tower is great for cleaning the air and keeping the stinky smell down.  I plug in one of these near the area they like to frequent and it has really helped. I was surprised at how good it did, the  Air Filter Plugin near the stink zone  works the best.

Now you might want to get a Pet house candle but I would rather use my diffuser, which I have a one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. 

House Smells Like Dog When It's Humid-min

What Oils Are SAFE to diffuse around dogs?

Take special care when using oils around cats they take longer to metabolize them than most animals. This is just a small list if you want the complete list and ways you can use essential oils on your pets then read Dr Axe’s post, it’s very helpful.


I love to use this diffuser for my essential oils. It works GREAT! And what a savings, just a couple drops and some water and that’s it! My all time favorite blend, that I used everyday.

I hope your house smells fresh and good again and not like a wet dog. Mine really smells nice again. And I’m so happy, those old dogs of mine can live the life of luxury and I can have a nice smelling house again.

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