Michelle FarmerHi, Michelle here!

Welcome to Homesteading For Women! I’m writing this blog about my little farm out in Southern Indiana where I wake up to the sounds of chickens crowing surrounded by millions of acres of forrest. I’m living a slower lifestyle.

I enjoy my morning coffee watching baby deer playing in the front pond. And growing a garden for my family. Won’t you join me in my simple lifestyle? Now go grab your favorite beverage and take a look around.




Epsom Salt For Plants -Gardening Myths To Avoid Now

Epsom Salt For Plants -Gardening Myths To Avoid

What's the big deal? I'm seeing garden tips all over the place telling me how Great epsom salt is for ...
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Which Herbs Grow Better From Seeds

Which Herbs Do Better Grown From Seeds?

Some of us have the desire to grow our own herbs but lack the knowledge of how to get started ...
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Grow your own salad kit Indoors

Grow Your Own Salad Kit -Super Fun For The Kids!

Thinking of having a home garden this year? Wouldn't if be fun if you grew your own salad? And wouldn't ...
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2020 Garden Binder Printables

Free Garden Binder Printables

Organize your garden plans once and for all! All in one place! Just use this Free Garden Binder Printables..slip into ...
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