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Black Friday Sale-min

Black Friday Deals

It’s that time again, we’re all feeling the after affects of eating too much turkey and we are ready to go shopping for some Black Friday Deals! Well hold on to your hats ladies. I’ve got some deals for you this year. I’m going to remake my very popular herb garden course with new workbooks […]

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How To Harvest Black Walnuts The Easy Grandma Way-min

How To Harvest Black Walnuts The Easy Grandma Way

If you’ve ever tried to remove the thick green husk from a black walnut then you probably know what a messy and hard job it can be not to mention the nice green stain that gets left on you skin, that will not wash off no matter how hard you scrub. I’m going to share […]

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How to store tomatoes for Christmas

How To Store Tomatoes For Christmas Dinner

How To Store Tomatoes For Christmas Hubby taught me a little trick on how to store tomatoes for Christmas. After years of being a truck farmer as a kid his family found many ways to preserve tomatoes so you could eat them all the way until Christmas. That’s a trick we still do to this […]

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The Bullet Journal Notebook -Fall To Do List

The Bullet Journal Notebook -Fall To Do List

How the bullet journal notebook fall to do list can help you get things done more quickly and on task. I’ve always had some sort of to do list, that’s just how I get so much done. Making a simple list of things to get done on the farm is very important and could save […]

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Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender-min

Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender

  Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender Part 3 of the series…Herbs To Plant In The Fall Lavender. Who doesn’t love lavender?! This might not be commonly associated with fall herbs and flavors, but lavender is easy to grow in the fall and can withstand slightly cooler temperatures. There are so many wonderful uses […]

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Starting a Bullet Journal Homestead

Starting A Bullet Journal

I have a confession to make. I love journals! I’m a virgo, lists and planners are just my thing! Starting a bullet journal is so thrilling to me that I thought I’d share  some ways with you on ways to incorporate a journal with your tasks around the farm. Me being somewhat a workaholic, I […]

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Garden tools for removing weeds-min

Garden Tools For Removing Weeds On Your Homestead

Weeds in your flower garden getting you down? They are me, I’ve been in a love hate relationship with my front flower garden for years. What I need to do now this fall gather up my best garden tools for removing weeds so I don’t tear up your hands or poke my eye out. Weeding […]

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Container Herb Gardening For Beginners tips

Container Herb Gardening For Beginners

You Can Grow Herbs No Matter Where You Live! You don’t have to have a homestead to grow herbs. That’s what I love about growing herbs! You can grow them anywhere. Container Herb Gardening is perfect for beginners! Herbs are easy to grow and the perfect stress reliever too! Get The Best Value Cedar Container […]

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Make your own paracord bracelet for homestead

Make your own paracord bracelet

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make one of these for a long time now. Here’s your chance to learn with me how to make your own paracord bracelet. We were at a festival one year where boy scouts were making them for extra money for the troup and selling them. I thought it was […]

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Homestead For Beginners 7 Easy Steps To Success

Homestead For Beginners- 7 Easy Tips To Success

Homestead For Beginners   So your thinking about starting a homestead, your not alone. Many couples are moving out to the country to get away from the crime to raise their families. It’s only logical that you would start looking for tips to get you started. What do you really need to know? I mean […]

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