10 Fun Things To Bring To a Cabin-min

10 Fun Things To Bring To A Cabin -Free Printable Ultimate Cabin Packing List

Let’s Go Cabin Camping! I love spending time in our cabin! It’s so peaceful and relaxing. The best part is that the phone doesn’t work there, so I can unplug and enjoy the sounds of the birds, breathing in the fresh outdoors. I have several people that stay in our cabin each year so I […]

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Gardening Binder Printable 150pages

Gardening Binder Printable

Are you a gardener or a wannabe gardener? If you are then, you’ll love having a printable gardening binder set up to record your journey this year. Having a place to write down your notes and plans for your dream garden is very helpful. Because this will help you keep track of what you planted […]

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Homestead binder printable

Homestead Binder Printable

Are you a first-time homesteader or a wannabe homesteader? There are many things to consider before taking the plunge and buying land for the first time. That’s why I created my Homestead Binder Printable. So you could print off this and add the pages to a binder. This gives you the basics of what you […]

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Free Daily Cleaning Checklist

Free Daily Cleaning Checklist PDF

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be a big headache, especially if you follow a simple daily cleaning checklist and for your cleaning tasks. I have a small home and it doesn’t take much before it looks like a total mess. I created a daily cleaning checklist pdf printable for you to download. I’ve also […]

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50+ Free Easter Printables Kids Activity pages Sign up

50+ Free Easter Printables

Easter is just around the corner and how about some fun activity pages to printable out? Grab these super fun 50+ Free Easter Printables with Easter egg coloring pages, Sudoku puzzles, Easter word searches, and Easter bunny mazes. I created a fun Pack to download and enjoy for Easter. Full of great mind challenges in […]

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Urban Homestead Free Management Printables-min

Free Urban Homestead Management Printables ~Egg Collection Tracker

Are you looking for some free urban homestead management printables? I know my homestead can get hectic at times and I forget to keep track of things that are important, like what I planted last year or how many eggs am I getting each day. Keeping track of those things will help you improve your […]

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Free 52 Week Saving Money Planner Printable

Free 52 Week Easy Save Money Challenge Printable

Let’s Save Some Money! Are you trying to save money but never seem to get any headway? I’m right there with ya! I use to have a tough time, saving money in the past. And it doesn’t matter how much money I make. It seems to slip right on past my hands. That’s why I […]

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HFW 2021 Horse Planner pinterest

Free 2021 Horse Planner

I love making new planners for you guys! This year I decided to go with the horse theme and it turned out Amazing! Check out my Free 2021 Horse Planner and grab your gift today! Free 2021 Horse Planner If you were like me growing up all I wanted was a horse. I put that […]

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