Plant Medicine

What Is Plant Mecicine

What Is Plant Medicine?

So what is plant medicine really? Plant medicine comes from herbs grown in the wild. They have been used for many years to heal the body. Our ancestors knew of the healing power of plants and the many benefits of using them. Many herbs are known for their natural healing properties. They heal our bodies […]

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Essential Oils For Beginners

Essential Oils For Beginners 5 Easy Steps To Start Using Oils

Are you looking for alternatives to drug store medicine? Switching out drug store for natural medicines is easier than you might think. Today I’m sharing essential oils for beginners, 5 easy steps to start using oils in your home! I recommend buying oils only from a reputable company. I love Plant Therapy’s Essential Oil Starter […]

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7 Immune system Boosting Using All Natural Remedies -That Really Work!

7 Immune System Boosting Using All Natural Remedies -That Really Work!

Is there a sickness going around and you don’t want to get it? I’m sharing with you today 7 immune system boosting using all natural remedies that really work! I’ve done the research for you and found the best natural remedy that will boost your immune system and keep you from getting sick. Sounds awesome […]

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